In Ukraine, in the event of a long-term power outage, planned hospitalizations and operations in hospitals will be suspended in order not to overload medical facilities.

This was announced by the deputy head of the Ministry of Health, Maria Karchevych, on the air of the telethon.

The deputy minister said that

two levels of medical facilities

equipped with generators are ready in case of a blackout in Ukraine. 

"And we can see that even when there were significant power outages for several days, not a single health care facility in our country stopped working," Karchevych noted.

She added that medical institutions that have an agreement with the National Health Service and are financed from the state budget continue their work.


the first level of medical facilities includes

those that must work without interruption, if there is no power supply. 

To the second level

- those that will work in the absence of centralized water supply and heating.

In particular, we are talking about those institutions in which autonomous heating is installed.

"Both the first and second level of institutions are provided with the basic critical need for 


, as well as the need for


satellite stations to enable communication and communication in such emergency situations," said the deputy head of the Ministry of Health.

She also reported that in the event of a prolonged blackout in Ukraine, only urgent (urgent) operations will be carried out.

"We have given recommendations. And if there is a long-term power outage, then 

planned hospitalizations, planned operations will be suspended

, in order not to overload the facilities. Only urgent operations will be accepted. Also, part of the premises that are not in use temporarily will be preserved." - said Karchevych.

She emphasized that it is about "extreme cases, extreme situations". 

"Today, as you saw, there were no problems. Even when the power supply was missing for several days, the facilities worked as usual," the deputy minister added.

We will remind, earlier the head of the Ministry of Health, Viktor Lyashko himself, stated that hospitals in Ukraine will not be closed even in conditions of a blackout.

However, medical institutions will need to reduce the number of rooms used.

Note that, according to DTEK, Ukraine will need weeks for the power system to switch to scheduled power outages - this is provided there is no new damage due to Russian shelling.

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