In response to outside doubts about the underworld within the DPP, Democratic Progressive Party legislator candidate Wu Yinong issued a document yesterday calling on the Party Central Committee to deal with Huang Chengguo's issue as soon as possible and face social doubts seriously.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] Legislative by-elections for Taipei’s third constituency (North Songshan and Zhongshan District) will take place on January 8 next year. Democratic Progressive Party candidate Wu Yinong advocated a positive campaign, but was questioned by KMT candidate Wang Hongwei He is the puppet of Huang Chengguo, the former national policy advisor, and alludes to his connection with the underworld.

In the face of the "smearing" by the blue camp, Wu Yinong was rarely angry yesterday, angrily criticizing don't open your eyes and talk nonsense; he issued an article at night calling on the DPP Central Committee to deal with Huang Chengguo's issue as soon as possible, must seriously face social doubts, and clearly express the party's position.

Wang Hongwei questioned Wu as Huang Chengguo's puppet

Wu Yinong pointed out in the article that the underworld problem in the DPP that is currently being accused by the society is actually a political issue, not a legal issue. In the past, the DPP used legal principles to face and deal with it, which inevitably aroused social criticism, but the law The principle is that without evidence, one cannot convict others or condemn others.

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Wu Yinong said that the attack on Huang Chengguo, from the perspective of legal principles, cannot deprive Huang of his right to participate in politics if there is no definite evidence to prove the violation, but politically it cannot be dealt with according to legal principles.

Wu Yinong also appealed to the Party Central Committee. Huang Chengguo, as a member of the Party's Central Standing Committee, is one of the party's leaders. Politics involves state power. The society has higher requirements and expectations for politicians who can approach state power and even use power. , which is a matter beyond the legal definition.

Wu Yinong believes that the accusation against Huang Chengguo is not only highly concerned by the society, but has also turned into distrust of the entire DPP. The Party Central Committee must seriously face the doubts of the society, make an explanation as soon as possible and clearly express the party's position, and look forward to the party's leadership Classes should come forward and communicate with society, and they should also explain to the public and propose principles for dealing with similar problems in the future.

Wu Yinong was questioned by Wang Hongwei the day before yesterday that he was related to the underworld. In response, he pointed out that when he was the chairman of the municipal party committee, he fired Zhao Jieyou, the son of Zhao Yingguang, the former convener of the DPP Beishi party committee who was involved in drug cases; Wang Hongwei criticized in an interview yesterday, saying, Shouldn't Zhao Jieyou be fired?

Why did Wu Yinong think that the expulsion of Zhao Jieyou was a political achievement?

Shouldn't this incident be a stain on Wu Yinong when he was the chairperson?

How dare you use Zhao Jieyou as a political achievement to promote.

Wu Rebukes Don't Wear Colored Glasses, Open Your Eyes, and Tell Nonsense

Wang Hongwei also said that when Wu Yinong served as the chairman of the DPP's Beishi Party Committee, he was considered a puppet chairman. At that time, many scenes had "gangster" Huang Chengguo beside him.

Wu Yinong was interviewed at Minquan Elementary School yesterday and said that what he did when he was the chairman of the Taipei City Party Committee is confident that he can stand the test. Deliberately doing malicious operations during the election.

Wu Yinong said that he believes that in this election, malicious operations will not win the support of the people, and smearing will not win the election. He hopes to fight a positive election with a positive attitude and propose actions against Zhongshan and Beisongshan. This is what everyone wants to see.

Wu Yinong pointed out that Zhao Jieyou was fired by him, and his father Zhao Yingguang also left the city party headquarters during his tenure. After the incident, he led his colleagues to take stock of party members, and asked all those who were not qualified to enter the Taipei City Party headquarters or become party members to leave, " If all this insists on calling me a gangster, I really have no choice, I know that Zhongshan North Songshan voters deserve a better election."