Check your horoscope for 12 zodiac signs from 4 to 10 December 2022 with Dr. Patini during this December.

Which zodiac sign will find good things?

Aries (born April 13 - May 13)


when points of merit work

The bang started to happen.

Like the clouds in life start to fade away

The light of success shines in full.

Doctor Chicken recommends

Let you make merit, offer offerings, items used to enhance your luck.


, expenses have been waiting since the beginning of the month!!

There's a lot to pay for these days.

Both about home, work, and family.

But still enough to support myself


. People who have a couple who love each other. Everything is in the heart.

If you don't pay attention to other things too much

love will be stable

Singles have the opportunity to love again with good people.

Plus a very good profile as well.

Taurus (born May 14 - June 13)


life is very hectic.

There are many issues and tasks that come your way that you have to deal with.

But will be tired for a while and will definitely be good later


: There are things that need to be paid a lot.

But it is a necessary expense.

a family affair

Or business people have to pay out to keep the business going.


People who have a couple must focus well.

because love is beginning to become unstable

Some good, some bad. If you have time to take a holiday, you should take your lover to strengthen your relationship.

Single people, Cupid hasn't arrived lately.

Therefore, Taurus people must be lonely first.

Gemini (born June 14 - July 14)


luck is on the rise.

The work is not as difficult as before.

Even if there is a lot of work

But don't worry.

because the work will be accomplished well


Finance is very good.

Because during this period, good work

The finances are good as well.

Doctor Kai recommends that you make merit and offer sustenance to pay debts to monks to enhance your fortune.


. People who have a couple sometimes get bored.

But the relationship was stable.

Nothing will ever change your mind.

Single people have people who come to love to like you.

But you have a very high wall in your heart.

Cancer (born July 15 - August 16)


during this time will not be attached to the place.

have to travel all the time

life is not stuck

Work will be tiring but good.

Especially people working in this way.

Route that must be traveled

Transportation or long-distance communication

This one will be very popular.


, steady stream of income

Although most of them are small sums.

but keep coming

If accumulated for a long time, it will become a large amount of money in the future.


, couples begin to fade

You and your lover are just like each other doing their own jobs.

Single people have a criterion to stay single over the years.

Leo (Born August 17 - September 16)


has great prospects.

Especially the work that is being done right now will be very successful.

or if going to contact any job offer

will be accomplished well


This period is the period of building a position.

Leo will be able to build himself with his own two hands.

But if doing business during this period, there will be criteria for planning to invest and spend some money.


People who have a couple sometimes look at their lover as a friend.

be a good friend

Being closer and the happiest

Singles, the love you are looking for has begun to approach you lately.

Virgo (born September 17 - October 16)


Virgo has to deal with many tasks.

Both are our direct work and other tasks that need to be done.

You will be able to manage everything with your own knowledge and skills.


Good financial fortune 200% Doctor Kai recommends that you make merit and offer water factors to enhance your fortune.


People who have a partner to help each other in everything.

until you see your lover as your mentor

Singles have the opportunity to chat with someone by chance.

didn't mean to talk

But talk and talk and come back to like it.

Libra (born October 17 - November 15)


, hard work, a lot of work

Plus encountered many chaos, both competitors and people within the organization

The whole thing that can't be said

but please be patient

because it will get better soon


Finance is the subject that makes Libra people smile the widest.

You will have the opportunity to earn gold.

Including the fortune received from the old merit as well

Love: Married

people begin to create distance between you and your lover.

The best way is to keep your heart strong.

Because people love each other, it's purely in their hearts.

Single people, their love life is still quiet.

I haven't found true love yet.

Scorpio (born November 16 - December 15)


life progresses step by step, slowly but steadily.

There might be some moments when you encounter some boring things, but if you don't pay attention and don't give up.

Success is within reach.


, expenses, waiting in line from the front of the house to the front of the alley

Out in the style of a fussy expense.

pay and pay again

but if managed well

There is no problem to worry about.


People who are in a relationship sometimes have problems because of their emotions.

There are many things that hit my mind.

Singles have a criterion to stay single over the years.

Because during this time life is hectic.

Sagittarius (Born December 16 - January 13)

In this work

, you need to be patient.

Because the work will gradually

Advance gradually.

little by little

Chasing from small successes

and reach great success in the future


have a criteria to earn a large fortune from work.

You have to fight, have to fight, have to be tired before you can get rich.

I can't hope for a flurry of luck.


, people who have a partner, you and

Lovers are more like friends.

But it's good because friendships are more sustainable.

Single people have people secretly watching you from a distance.

But you don't know that someone secretly loves you.

Capricorn (born January 14 - February 12)


, financial luck shines, success is born.

Although the merit points are not displayed immediately.

But it won't take too long to wait for good results to appear.

Soon the work will advance.

Doctor Kai recommends that you make merit and offer electricity bills to enhance your luck.


At the beginning of the month, the expenses came in uninterruptedly.

But don't worry.

Because it's definitely not a serious expense to the level of wealth.


. People who have a couple have some things that they don't understand.

but still not openly talk to each other seriously

Single people who love someone who likes someone must hold their hearts first.

Because the horoscope of love is still silent.

Aquarius (those born February 13 - March 13)


at the beginning of the month is the time when your life will be chaotic ×10 because you have to contact work, negotiate work from many parties, plus you have to travel on your feet.

but don't worry

Because life is just busy but doesn't have any problems.

Finance , excellent

financial horoscope, Prasert Sri

Money flows into the account steadily.

In this event, we would have to find a sack to put the money instead of a wallet.


People who have a couple still live together, love each other, understand each other in a way that outsiders can't intervene.

Single people happen to love...Love comes and comes unexpectedly.

The loneliness will disappear soon.

Pisces (born March 14 - April 12)


, good luck, good fortune, everything is good.

The more diligent, the more popular

If during this time thinking about starting a new job

If you want to offer a job, apply for a job, hurry up and go.

because there is a great chance of success

Finance The financial

horoscope is fully open.

Wealth in the pocket without restraint

Especially if you have made a lot of merit.

This event will have a chance to make a big fortune.


People who have a couple live together in silence.

help each other

Even though I didn't say I love you, I knew I loved you overflowing.

Singles have the opportunity to start a new love quietly.


Gently plant a small love tree.

P. Patinee