Taipei mayor-elect Jiang Wanan attended the Thanksgiving Dinner of the Taipei City Party Headquarters on the 3rd. Some foreign media reporters asked about the identity of the Chiang family in English.

However, Jiang Wan'an did not respond positively, but only said thank you, and hoped that everyone would focus on municipal issues.

(Photo by reporter Tu Jianrong)

[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Taipei mayor-elect Jiang Wanan has attracted attention since he took office.

Jiang Wan'an attended the Kuomintang's Taipei Thanksgiving Tea Party this afternoon (3rd), and even foreign media reporters came to the scene to ask questions about the identity of the Jiang family in English.

However, Jiang Wan'an did not respond positively, but only said thank you and hoped that everyone would focus on municipal issues.

Jiang Wan'an went to the National Army Hero Hall this afternoon to attend the KMT's Thanksgiving Tea Party in Taipei, and was interviewed by the media before the meeting.

A foreign media male reporter asked questions in English, concerned whether Jiang Wanan's grandfather's teachings would affect his political decision-making.

However, Jiang did not respond positively to the question in English. He only expressed his thanks in Chinese, and emphasized that the most important thing is to focus on the process of talent search. The team is also planning a follow-up municipal administration that meets the expectations of the citizens. This is the current focus of attention.

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Other media then asked questions about municipal planning, concerned whether Chen Guojun, an adviser to Jiang Wanan's election campaign, will join the small cabinet, and whether the former Taipei Mayor Hao Longbin's city staff will also return to the court.

Jiang said that the team has been working in the process of finding talents, and is also actively striving for them. Professionalism, character, and meritocracy are the principles that he insists on. He even said in Taiwanese that "a good wine sinks to the bottom". Next, he will propose to let citizens satisfactory list.

The media is also concerned. Jiang Wanan and Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe will discuss the handover process at the Taipei City Government next Monday. Ke Jin said that the general handover must first determine who the head is, but Jiang's biggest problem may be that the person has not been found. Sour Jiang Wanan.

In this regard, Jiang said that the talent consultation work has been in progress, and the new city government team will be introduced to you at an appropriate time. Talents from all parties are the objects of consultation. I hope that the future municipal promotion will meet the expectations of the citizens.

As for whether the city government team of New Taipei City Mayor Hou Shi Youyi will go to the Taipei City Government, Jiang Wanan said with reservations that as long as it is a talent, no matter where it is, it will actively strive for it, and reiterated that the standard of employment is professionalism, integrity, and talent. As long as it meets the selection requirements and is excellent, it is the object of active pursuit.