"If necessary, we will also bring in a minority cabinet.

It will most likely not be supported.

I hope reason prevails.

Support will not come from Revival.

We hope it will come from "Democratic Bulgaria".

Look at how many times we have submitted identical proposals with DB".

This was stated in "This Saturday" on BTV by the People's Representative from GERB-SDS Ekaterina Zaharieva

Ekaterina Zaharieva is Deputy Prime Minister for Justice Reform and Minister of

An answer to the question of whether Desislava Atanasova will be the GERB-SDS proposal for Prime Minister will be available on Monday, she commented.

"We will do our best to have a cabinet.

It is no accident that we make compromises.

We also gave a proportional opportunity for committee leaders," explained Zaharieva.

The return of mixed voting in the Electoral Code

"When the people's choice to vote with paper ballots was removed.

It is normal to support, given that this has been our policy for years.

I am 13 MIR Pazardzhik.

You have no idea how many people stop me on the street and tell me they are worried about voting by machine for various reasons.

They are worried about not exposing themselves," said the GERB representative

GERB is a center-right populist, conservative and pro-European political party in

"The flash memory is recorded and it is handed over to the Central Election Commission.

Anyone can check the results," she pointed out.

"We won the election with a completely machine vote.

The arguments of "Continuing Change" that we are buying elections are ridiculous.

We have no worries about the machines and these are speculations," added the deputy.

The Schengen veto

"We continue the change" blamed the management of GERB for the veto on Bulgaria's entry into Schengen.

"Once again we see political opposition.

I think that when the former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov explained throughout Europe that it is very bad in Bulgaria, it led to the fact that he gave an argument to the Netherlands.

This is not how foreign policy is made.

Petkov boasted that he was a great friend with Rutte - why couldn't he convince him?", pointed out the former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to her, the Ministry of Internal Affairs dealt with the arrest of the chairman of GERB, Boyko Borisov, and not with the border guard.

Zaharieva added that Austria will probably veto Romania's accession.

"I do not understand the position of the Netherlands.

We must all unite and convince the Netherlands and Austria.

I understand that the president had to react and he reacted correctly," she emphasized.

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Ekaterina Zaharieva