Abo Chen (pictured) had his driver's license revoked for drunk driving. He switched to riding an electric scooter, but was brought to justice again for drunk driving.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] On the 1st and 2nd of this month, the No. 2 Central City Police Department strengthened the crackdown on the most hated drunk driving behavior. A total of 3 cases of riding "electric vehicles" after drinking were reported, of which 1 refused the alcohol test, and 2 The case was transferred for investigation as a crime of public danger. The police emphasized that don't think that drinking alcohol can ride a "miniature electric two-wheeler"!

Exceeding the alcohol test value is also a drunk driving, and it will also violate the criminal law public danger crime!

The 61-year-old Mr. Chen, surnamed Abo, had his driver's license revoked for drunk driving. He switched to riding an electric scooter, but he still could not escape the law for drunk driving.

Li Minzhe, a police officer from the Wenzheng Office of the Second Sub-bureau, was passing by the intersection of Shuangshi Road and Zizi Road in the North District of Zhongshi the night before yesterday when he saw a man surnamed Chen (61 years old) riding without a license plate or a sticker with a "Qualified Inspection Mark". The miniature electric two-wheeler (commonly known as an electric car) also smelled a strong smell of alcohol on Chen Nan's body. After an alcohol concentration test was carried out according to the regulations, the alcohol test value was 0.25 mg, which exceeded the legal standard value. In addition to being fined on the spot, driving prohibited, The vehicle was moved and kept for custody, and was also brought to justice by the police for the crime of public danger.

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Uncle Chen, surnamed Chen, had his driver's license revoked for drunk driving. He thought riding a miniature electric two-wheeler would be fine, but he didn't expect it to be drunk driving.

The Second Branch Bureau stated that starting from the 30th of last month (November), miniature electric two-wheeled vehicles (also known as micro-electric vehicles) must be listed and insured for compulsory insurance before they can go on the road, and must wear a helmet when going on the road. Drunk driving, unauthorized modification is not allowed, driving must be at least 14 years old.

If you go on the road without a license, you will be fined 1,200 to 3,600 yuan and handed over for safekeeping; if you ride a micro-electric vehicle that has not passed the inspection, it will be confiscated.

In addition, micro-trams purchased before the decree came into effect must renew their license plates within 2 years. The maximum cost of unlisted vehicles is 3,600 yuan, and the maximum cost of uninsured vehicles is 1,500 yuan.

Chen Jiaming, director of the Second Sub-bureau, appealed that "miniature electric two-wheel vehicles" are "power vehicles" powered by electricity. Anyone who rides a micro-scooter on the road after drinking and the alcohol test value exceeds 0.1 mg will be deemed as violating the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations. If you refuse the alcohol test, you will be fined 4,800 yuan according to the third item of the same article. You must also be prohibited from driving on the spot and the vehicle will be moved for storage; in addition, the alcohol test value exceeds 0.25 mg. Dangerous transfer to the law.