The doctoral dissertation of Democratic Progressive Party legislator Cai Shiji was accused of plagiarism. Taipei University completed the review and revoked Cai's dissertation and degree. Cai expressed respect but would file a complaint.

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[Reporters Lu Xianxiu, Chen Zhengyu/Comprehensive Report] Democratic Progressive Party legislator Cai Shiyi's doctoral dissertation at Taipei University was reported for plagiarism. The Academic Ethics Association of Taipei University has completed the investigation and notified Cai of the result.

Cai Shiyi posted a post on Facebook yesterday, admitting that the dissertation and degree have been revoked; he said that he respected the review results and apologized to his teachers and alma mater, but it took him nearly ten years to complete the dissertation, including empirical research such as fieldwork. The similarities and comparisons of a single document are only 2%, which is still original, so a complaint will be filed.

In the past 10 years, Bolunhua has completed only 2% of the similarities in a single document

Cai Shiji issued a statement yesterday stating that he has not yet received the notification from the Taipei University Alumni Association, but he has learned that his doctorate degree has been revoked.

Cai pointed out that during the review process of the National Taipei University Scholars Association, he personally attended the process of writing the statement, and expressed his apology for the omissions of some notes and was willing to make up for them. Some external review committee members still found plagiarism and revoked the doctoral thesis due to the omission of some notes.

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He said that he respected the results of the deliberation, and once again apologized for the omission of notes in this article and the trouble caused to teachers and alma mater, but in order to protect his own rights and interests, he will file a complaint and supplement materials.

Apologize to Taipei University and will provide supplementary information to protect rights and interests

Cai Shiyi pointed out that when he first applied for the doctoral program of the Institute of Urban Planning at Taipei University, he saw Keelung's regression and stagnation when he was a city councilor, and he deeply felt the importance of urban planning for urban development.

I learned a lot of professional knowledge of urban development and urban-rural planning during the doctoral study, and applied it to the subsequent public service process. I am grateful to the teachers for their cultivation and guidance. I will continue to work hard in the future and never forget the trust of the voters.

Jiang Xinyi, deputy executive of the Party Department of Times Force Keelung City, said yesterday that she is one of the informants of the plagiarism case of Cai Shiyi's thesis. Plagiarism is not only illegal and infringement, but also related to the integrity and integrity of political figures. Review and improve in aspects such as review, otherwise it will be very unfair to serious and rigorous academic workers.