How to prepare instant coffee: add cold water

If your morning instant coffee often has an unpleasant sour taste, it is recommended to first dissolve it in a small amount of cold boiled water.

Only after that add hot liquid.

How to prepare instant coffee: choose the "right" temperature

Did you know that boiling water can completely "kill" all the natural taste of this drink?

The "correct" temperature for instant coffee is 87-93 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, after boiling the water for the morning drink, be sure to wait a few minutes.

Perfect proportions

The most difficult thing, if you do not know how to prepare instant coffee, is to choose the proportions of coffee and water.

Basically, it all depends on the brand you choose.

And the manufacturer often writes on the label how many teaspoons should be added to one cup of the drink.

But to achieve the perfect taste, you need to experiment and pay attention only to your preferences.

How to make instant coffee with foam / Photo: Pexels

Don't forget the milk

Milk itself helps to reduce the acidity of instant coffee and significantly improve its taste.

Therefore, it is better to add it if you do not want to get a too strong drink.

And if you are interested in the question of whether you can drink instant coffee every day, then the answer is yes, just add milk to it!

In general, high-quality instant coffee, if consumed in small quantities, helps prevent many diseases.

Including Alzheimer's and stroke.

Therefore, if you are asked what are the benefits and harms of instant coffee, feel free to talk about its properties.

Namely, the presence of micro- and macroelements, antioxidants, lower caffeine content and ease of preparation.

Although instant coffee also brings harm.

Scientists discovered that it contains more acrylamide, a substance that can lead to the development of various pathologies.

How to make instant coffee with foam: a useful trick

Many people believe that instant coffee and foam are incompatible things.

But here it's all about the cooking technique.

For this, the coffee mass must be prepared in advance.

Take coffee, sugar and cinnamon to taste.

Add a teaspoon of cold water to the mixture and grind so that there are no lumps.

Then pour boiling water.

Now you know how to make a latte from instant coffee, and you can surprise your friends with your skill.

Choose only high-quality instant coffee

Often, when buying this product in a store, we hurry and grab the first, best option.

But, if you want to get a really tasty drink, you shouldn't do that.

This also includes the question of whether it is possible to drink expired instant coffee.

Answer: no.

After all, then not only the taste and aroma of the drink, but also its useful properties are lost.

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