As soon as China's new epidemic prevention policy was launched, there was chaos. Some residents went to the testing station and found that no service was provided, which made him very dumbfounded.

(picture taken from Weibo)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] After the outbreak of the White Paper Revolution in China, the CCP immediately adjusted its epidemic prevention measures, saying that it would implement an optimized version of prevention and control.

However, after the new policy was launched, there are still chaos in the epidemic prevention in Guangzhou, which was once the hardest-hit area, including the closure of multiple nucleic acid testing sites, causing people to be empty-handed, outpatient clinics opening and closing, closing and opening, etc., causing netizens to scold the CCP Reluctant to make progress, and went back to the old path of precise prevention and control.

A few days ago, Guangzhou authorities announced that except for high-risk areas, the rest of the district will return to normal management, loosen some epidemic prevention measures, open restaurants for internal use, and resume physical teaching.

Unexpectedly, today (3) a netizen shared the real situation on Weibo, saying that no one dared to go out and consume in the restaurant these days, and asked him to "directly book the restaurant for 2 days".

Some parents also complained, and now they have switched to remote classes at home, and some schools even do not abandon the new policy and continue to "closed management".

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In addition, some netizens said helplessly that if they want to go to work, they must have a nucleic acid test 24 hours before work, and they have to test nucleic acid on weekends. She wonders why the government is still obsessed with nucleic acid testing and insists on not changing it.

Someone took a picture of the nucleic acid test site and uploaded it on the Internet, pointing out that they went to the site to test the nucleic acid in person that day, but found that it was impossible because the testing station needed to be disinfected; what is even more exaggerated is that the nucleic acid testing station was directly closed for 2 days, and the reason was "must be disinfected" ".

There were reports of a fire in Urumqi that killed many people. It is suspected that residents could not escape the scene in time due to the closure of the building.

A Guangzhou resident lamented that as long as someone is diagnosed, the whole building will be sealed off. Residents go in and out together every day, and those who have not been diagnosed are forced to be locked in a confined space. Do you have to give up when you are sick?"

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Residents in Guangzhou broke the news that no one dared to use it in the past few days, and the stores that were supposed to line up were still empty.

(picture taken from Weibo)