Probably the most resonating issue in the Western media.

for the past week

after the chaos in various cities in China

Including the center of power like "Beijing"

The cause started from a


in an apartment in Urumqi.

capital of Xinjiang province

Uyghur settlement in northwestern China that left 10 people dead and scores more injured.

The news spread online that residents were burned to death.

Can't escape from a residential building because they are locked in

a "lockdown"

inside the building according to the COVID-19 prevention measures.

the strictness of the Chinese government

Although the Chinese official clarified that

That's not what happened.

I didn't imprison anyone.

But it goes against the online news that has circulated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Video clips appear from time to time.

It shows local Chinese officials using metal panels to block the entrance to a residential building where the infected have been detected.

This does not include spreading fake news that shows contempt for the dead and a disregard for the lives of citizens.

Even though the facts are

but putting together a jigsaw puzzle of people

In addition to the official statement that lacks


, it is believed that what is being said is true.

All this led to protests expressing dissatisfaction with the


within China that had not been seen for decades.

There has been a gathering to curse the "zero-covid


policy that has spread to President

"Xi Jinping"

in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan or Guangzhou.

Causing observers to wonder whether they will repeat the image of

"Tiananmen Square"

like in the past or not

While some analysts in the US and Europe have assumed that.

This work, the Chinese government is "tired" because this rally is unique.

1. The protesters dared to come out and challenge the government's zero COVID policy.

The other protests against COVID-19 prevention measures and 3. The source of the fire in Urumqi.

A city far from the center can still cause people to be so angry.

Dissatisfaction with the Chinese government began to explode.

However, this issue can be viewed in another way that

Is it really that tired?

Because it should not be forgotten that the Chinese government has laid the foundation of

“Man control” for decades, and the convenience of living in China has a touch of

"International security" is hidden.

1. China has a closed internet system by setting up a wall

"Great Firewall"

to prevent improper things from the outside to "destroy" the virtue and value of society.

Or simply say

Does not accept all news and information belonging to the West

Clearly set the direction of what the public should know.

What should not be known

2. Living in this era

What is indispensable


on smartphones, which China has a comprehensive application for the people.

One app can do everything from making phone calls, texting, sending photos, doing tasks, shopping for goods and services.

to financial transactions

"Cashless Society


and taking out cash to pay may be seen by the store staff)

but at the same time

China will know everything.

Because nowadays, internet usage data is



"traces" (digital footprints: digital footprints)

for officials .

Whether it's about location, location and travel routes

When to pay, what to buy, who to transfer, to whom to chat, what type of message

Is it possible that

If the day is good, the official decision

“Cut off the Internet”

or be completely suspended from using the telecommunication network signal.

Since it is considered an unwanted person, what will it be?

Walk into a restaurant or buy groceries and then pay. How

about taking a bus or taxi to work?

Can't work via mobile phone because it's finished, how do I send it?

Although there is no clear confirmation that the Chinese authorities will be able to do this.

But what emerged after the protests was

Western media reports that

Participants in the rally were personally greeted by the police.

Telephone questioned why he was at the rally.

What are you going to do around there?

or even knocking on the door in front of the room in case the call is not received

It is therefore interesting and interesting to see whether the (real) dissatisfaction of the people is enough to support the almost flawless control of the state.

But in fact, China can use

"Soft wood - hard wood" mixed together, separating those who are against the policy of COVID and those who are against the government.

Be gentle with the first group and then act harshly with the latter!?

Weerapot Inthaphan