Kang Ningxiang (from left to right), Li Xiaofeng, Ai Linda, Chen Ju, and Li Xianqun, president of the National Taiwan Human Rights Association, attended the annual meeting of the National Taiwan Human Rights Association.

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)

[Reporter Chen Zhengyu/Taipei Report] The Democratic Progressive Party was defeated in the 9-in-1 election. Superintendent Chen Ju bluntly said yesterday that this is an important phenomenon that the people ask the DPP to reflect on and review. The heavy responsibility of the situation; she also called on supporters to unite and give the DPP a chance to revive and start again.

The Taiwan Human Rights Association of the United States held its annual meeting and awards ceremony yesterday (3rd). The winner of the "Wang Kanglu Human Rights Award" and honorary professor of Taipei University of Education Li Xiaofeng, and the winner of the "Zheng Nanrong Memorial Award" and American human rights activist Alinda accepted During the award ceremony, Chen Ju, former Secretary-General of the National Security Council Kang Ningxiang and others were invited to give speeches.

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Chen Ju said in her speech that Alinda has studied Taiwan's pro-democracy movement for a long time, and even chose to stay in Taiwan. She played a very important role before and after the Boulder Island incident, especially her contacts with overseas Taiwanese, international media, and international friends. Taiwan's contribution cannot be fully explained by one award.

Chen Ju pointed out that Taiwan has undergone several political parties, but it has not paid enough attention to those who have contributed to Taiwan. The DPP government has also neglected to give affirmation, or due care, and care for the elderly. Taking risks and working hard, Taiwanese society owes her a lot.

Talking about the results of the recent election, Chen Juyu said earnestly that she has been in power from young to old, from the streets, and watched the changes in Taiwan's democracy. The DPP has failed like this. This is an important phenomenon that the people demand to reflect and review. The ruling authorities must face it squarely, otherwise they will not be able to bear the heavy responsibility of Taiwan's difficult situation in the future.

If the ruling authorities do not adhere to ideals and values, and do not meet the expectations of Taiwanese society, this is full of worry.

I call on all supporters to unite, not to give up, and to give the DPP a chance to review and start again. The DPP must also regain its strength and understand the expectations of the people.

Alinda said that she came to Taiwan from the United States to participate in human rights activities, and also spread the situation in Taiwan overseas through her secret contact network. She has not only followed Taiwan for 40 years, but also cares about human rights issues in Xinjiang, Tibet and other regions.

Alinda pointed out that the democratic movement in Taiwan has been going on for 3 to 40 years, and now it is difficult to see the original ideals or the spirit of suffering. The strawberry family and China are terrible. Taiwan is facing a critical moment. The DPP or the Kuomintang cannot abandon it. leadership responsibility.

Alinda also shared her observation that although democracy can speak, no one speaks. For example, the election has become a beauty pageant. If Chen Shizhong is more beautiful, he will be elected.

She once participated in Chen Shizhong's parade, but she did not see any political opinions on the campaign banner. She only said "can do things", which shows that the DPP dare not challenge the people, nor dare to lead the people.

Chen Ju called on supporters to unite and give the DPP a chance to revive and start again.

(Photo by reporter Chen Zhengyu)