With the changes to the Electoral Code, which the National Assembly finally adopted yesterday, the machines were effectively abolished.

This was commented by Bozhidar Bojanov

Bozhidar Bojanov is an IT expert and entrepreneur, founder of an information security company.

Ima, former Minister of e-Government and current MP from "Democratic Bulgaria" in "The Day Begins with Georgi Lyubenov".

"From what we have seen, there are many human errors. And GERB, DPS and BSP removed the machine from counting. This went against all procedures. This was not their argument at first reading. Their argument at first reading was: to give an opportunity to have paper as well. Suddenly, between the first and second reading, the BSP did not vote for its own texts, but voted for the GERB texts, which were inserted in violation of the rules. And in the end, the machines turned into printers," Bojanov pointed out.

Deputies finished with the changes to the Electoral Code

The minister of e-governance in the cabinet "Petkov" refuted as manipulations the claims of the BSP that "Democratic Bulgaria" wins from the machine vote.

The slips and receipts waved from the parliamentary tribune do not prove a systemic failure, but are a symbol of human errors committed in the sectional election commissions.

"The sectional committees are too lazy to count and calculate, so they copy the machine protocol. When the machine protocol comes out, they copy. Not everywhere, in some places it happens. And that's why they took the sectional protocol and copied it with errors. Instead of copying 77, they transcribed only one week. When the CEC checks, it will turn out that these votes are there. The CEC does this check a few months after the election, for these it did not do it. On the front and the front all such discrepancies turned out to be the error is human when counting receipts," he added.

Bozhidar Bojanov

Bozhidar Bojanov is an IT expert and entrepreneur, founder of an information security company.

Has commented on the delay in the upcoming delivery of the first mandate as a missed chance to consolidate understanding and substantive work in the National Assembly.

The individual appeals for the participation of "Yes, Bulgaria" in a government with Boyko Borisov's people were heard and categorically rejected with a number of arguments within the party bodies, he explained.

The goal of the "Democratic Bulgaria" association remains the formation of a government with the second mandate of "We continue the change".

"A bad option, but the least bad in view of the alternatives", emphasized Bojanov.

According to him, such a power format would be a novelty in Bulgarian politics and the floating majorities in the parliament would prevent it.

"We will seek support from the others according to priorities.

This will be the responsible decision, instead of going to elections again", he added.

Bozhidar Bojanov

changes in the Electoral Code