The Belarusian army will not fight against Ukraine, but will direct its weapons against Russia's proteges - in the event that the self-proclaimed president Oleksandr Lukashenka is replaced by the secretary of the country's Security Council, Oleksandr Volfovich.

This opinion was expressed by the Russian oppositionist, publicist Andriy Piontkovskyi, reports "Espresso".

So, in his opinion, a possible move by the Russian Federation to replace the head of Belarus would be suicidal.

Under such a development, the

Belarusian army, most likely, will not fight against Ukraine, but may return its weapons against a Russian protege.

Piontkovskyi explained that despite the awareness that Lukashenko is a dictator and a criminal, Belarusians appreciated him for fighting against Russian President Vladimir Putin for at least formal signs of their country's independence.


Replacing Lukashenka with this Volfovich will immediately mean that there is no independence left

. The Belarusian army will most likely turn its weapons against the Kremlin's proteges, especially since there is such a trigger as a fairly active Belarusian corps fighting in Ukraine. Another crime by Putin , like all his moves during the last month, only worsens his situation," the oppositionist expressed his opinion.

It will be recalled that in October, analysts of the Robert Lansing Institute reported that the Russian Federation could kill Lukashenka in order to gain control over the Belarusian army and throw it into a war against Ukraine.

Sources in the Russian military leadership confirmed that the Kremlin has already made such a decision. 

In this case, the Kremlin can bet on Volfovich, who is loyal to the Russian Federation, believe the Belarusian opposition and Ukrainian experts.

At the same time, military analyst Oleksandr Musienko is convinced that the Russian Federation does not plan to "clean up" Lukashenka, because he is still very convenient for the aggressor country.

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