In the Smolensk region of Russia, customs officials intercepted a large batch of Belarusian cigarettes, reports the Central Customs Department of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

Customs officials stopped the truck for inspection, but the driver refused to show documents for the goods and ran away.

As a result, the car with cargo was transported to one of the warehouses.

A week later, the driver himself came to the customs office, after which the customs officials inspected the truck and found 1 million packs of Belarusian cigarettes without documents and Russian excise stamps in it.

The cost of the lot is estimated at more than 100 million Russian rubles ($1.6 million).

Russian customs officials regularly intercept large amounts of smuggled cigarettes from Belarus.

So, on November 21, they detained a record cargo worth 4.3 million dollars.

According to analysts, the largest contribution to the Russian illegal market is made by cigarettes illegally imported from the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, and Belarus accounts for 92% of supplies here.

Large consignments of contraband cigarettes are regularly detained in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine.