Zhu Lilun, chairman of the Kuomintang.

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[Reporter Shi Xiaoguang/Taipei Report] When KMT chairman Zhu Lilun attended the Taipei Thanksgiving Tea Party after the 9-in-1 election this afternoon, he was interviewed by the media about former DPP chairman Xu Xinliang saying that the Kuomintang’s dream list for the 2024 general election is "Zhu Jiang's partner" ", Zhu Lilun did not respond positively. He only emphasized that as the party chairman, he is 100% focused on working hard for the next two legislative by-elections and the Chiayi mayoral election. Everyone in the party is united and will not be affected in any way. .

Asked by the media, is the Thanksgiving tea party a warm-up for the 2024 general election?

Zhu Lilun said that this is the responsibility of the KMT, and everyone in Taiwan must thank everyone. He is only a supporting role, and as a campaign assistant and head coach, we ask everyone to give applause to all candidates, campaign assistants and volunteers.

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Some media asked, DPP legislator Cai Shiyi's doctoral dissertation has been confirmed to be revoked, is there any special intention to release it after the election?

Zhu Lilun said that this matter made him very emotional. President Tsai Ing-wen must stand up and sincerely apologize to the whole people. After all, Taiwan is still a society that has right and wrong and attaches great importance to justice. , Tsai Ing-wen can't just do it for temporary political interests, this is the right and wrong values ​​and moral values ​​of the whole people, and President Tsai should really come out to express an apology.