To celebrate Computer Science Education Week, Apple is launching a new coding session titled “Kid's Coding Experiment.”

Write the First App” at Apple Stores around the world designed to inspire participants ages 10 and up.

In Thailand, it was held at the Apple Store Icon Siam and the Apple Store Central World.

without charge

Let people who are interested try to learn application development in a warm and fun way.

The new experience is the latest in Apple's library of resources to help students, families and educators embark on their journey in the growing field of computer science.

Beginning December 5, new sessions will be available through the Today at Apple program to help customers unleash their creativity and get the most out of their Apple devices.

Kids and families are invited to code and create apps with Swift Playgrounds on iPad. Kids can try writing and designing their own apps through the “About Me” playground, while having fun using Swift code. Customize the app, change the font, background color, add a cheeky Memoji, choose as you wish.

Before merging family power, helping to revive the app to actually use it.


Apple Creative Pro

will guide young, aspiring coders.

Through interactive activities, Apple guides students from their first line of code to their first app.

For those who are interested

Including those who want to join both families and groups.

You can register at