One of the bright characters when democracy was taking its first uncertain steps in dismantling the totalitarian system was Alexander Karakachanov.

Son of the former partisan and head of the Interior Ministry troops Panayot Karakachanov, Alexander Karakachanov founded the Green Party and became the founder of the Union of Democratic Forces.

However, the metamorphoses of the Bulgarian democracy made it so that after years it became a coalition partner of the BSP.

The removal of Todor Zhivkov from power found Alexander Karakachanov as a doctoral student at the Institute of Philosophy of Sofia University.

He works in a human brain research program.

During communism, there were even rumors that this program explored how people were manipulated.

Alexander Karakachanov's participation in the Club for Support of Glasnost and Reconstruction is only the first step of his political career, he said in the "Offensive" program on NOVA NEWS.

Just established, the Green Party enters the largest coalition uniting opposition formations, the Union of Democratic Forces.

Dimitar Popov's government is programmatic and has an initially planned term of office of 6 months.

During this time, the Grand National Assembly was in session.

The cabinet includes representatives of the SDS, BSP and BZNS.

Its purpose is to free the prices of goods and prepare the holding of the parliamentary elections.

It was created on December 22, 1990 during the so-called

Lucan winter.

Bulgaria is bankrupt, and grocery stores are disappearing.

However, Dimitar Popov's cabinet remained in power for a year.

In such troubled times, Alexander Karakachanov became the mayor of Sofia.

The leader of the Greens remained in office for exactly one year - from October 1990 to 1991.

After the collapse of Zhan Videnov, the Green Party entered the parliament as part of the composition of the Union for National Salvation.

A coalition dominated by DPS.

During the administration of Ivan Kostov, Alexander Karakachanov introduced the Law on Credit Millionaires.

Zhan Videnov presented the new election coalition "Left Union for a Clean and Holy Republic"

Regardless of the troubled times today, Alexander Karakachanov does not think that our country is facing a new revolution.

The mass protests of the early 1990s are long gone.

Generations have changed and left behind the young guard of Bulgarian democracy.

Today, the son of former partisan and general Panayot Karakachanov, who graduated from high school in Moscow, Alexander Karakachanov teaches philosophical anthropology and political science.

And he shares that the biggest problem facing society is the ever-widening illiteracy.

It's only a matter of time before we wonder if this isn't actually the reason we're still wondering if the transition is over.

Although we have long been members of NATO and the European Union.  


Alexander Karakachanov