Hollywood actor

Alec Baldwin 's

wife Hilaria Baldwin

recently attended a social event with her lover.

The famous couple became guests of the evening organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Hilarya, who gave birth to her husband's sixth child two months ago, did not miss the opportunity to distract herself from household chores and disperse with her husband.

So, on the Instagram page, Ms. Baldwin showed how she prepared for the event.

For the evening, the young mother chose a bold black dress with spicy cutouts in the waist area.

Hilaria's outfit accentuated her figure well, which looks great.

Hilaria Baldwin / Photo: instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

Hilaria Baldwin / Photo: instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

Hilaria Baldwin / Photo: instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin / Photo: instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

Baldwin's wife also showed how her hair was done while feeding her two-month-old daughter.

Hilaria Baldwin / Photo: instagram.com/hilariabaldwin

Subscribers to Hilaria's page expressed their admiration for the appearance of the mother of six children: "I have no words", "how incredible you are", "what a magnificent figure, and it is a mother of six children", "this dress suits you very much, I am delighted".

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin / Photo: Associated Press

As you know, Hilaria and Alec Baldwin have six children together: 9-year-old Carmen, 7-year-old Rafael, 6-year-old Leonardo, 4-year-old Romeo, two-year-old Eduardo, 1-year-old Lucia and daughter Ilaria, who

was born two months


In addition, Baldwin has a daughter with actress Kim Basinger, 26-year-old Ireland.

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