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A man died on the spot after being hit by a truck on the Simitli - Blagoevgrad road, reports the regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Blagoevgrad.

The traffic accident was reported today around 2:18 p.m.

Traffic in the area was temporarily restricted in both directions, and cars were diverted along a detour through the village of Zheleznitsa.

Later today, the Road Infrastructure Agency announced that traffic on the Simitli-Blagoevgrad road, at km 369, has been restored.

A woman died in an accident between Simitli and Blagoevgrad

We remind you that at the end of last month, on the same road 1E-79 between the town of Simitli and the town of Blagoevgrad, a woman died after an accident with three injured.

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