A house on the third floor of a Tutian house in Tongluo Township, Miaoli County caught fire yesterday afternoon, and thick smoke quickly rose.

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[Reporter Peng Jianli/Miaoli Report] A fire broke out in Tutianchu on the third floor of a building in Tongluo Township, Miaoli County at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. Although the fire was brought under control in 20 minutes, there were many combustible materials on the fire floor on the second floor, and the billowing smoke quickly rose. In the front room on the third floor, none of the three siblings who were studying in junior high school or primary school escaped. The grandfather in the back room rushed downstairs to escape. When the three siblings were rescued, there were no signs of life and they were sent to the hospital to die.

Residential fire alarm not installed without knowing fire

The grandfather told the police that he was awakened by choking while taking a nap on the third floor. He got up and wanted to save his grandchildren in the room ahead, but he was so choked by the thick smoke that he could only escape downstairs and called 119 to report the crime.

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The firefighters came to the scene to pull the water line and entered the fire scene to search and rescue. On the stairs at the door of the front room on the third floor, they saw a 15-year-old elder sister lying on the ground. Find the eleven-year-old second brother who is covered with a quilt.

Thick smoke rushes to the third floor, unable to open the window to call for help

According to the research, the house was not equipped with a residential fire alarm. When the fire broke out on the second floor, in addition to the intensity of the fire, the speed of the "smoke attack" was so fast that when the three brothers and sisters who were taking a nap were woken up, they could not open the window to call for help. Even the stairs outside the room were the only ones. The way out was quickly blocked by fire and smoke. The second brother instinctively covered himself with a quilt to block the smoke. Although the eldest sister and Momei tried to rush out, they were choked to death.

According to the fire department, the probability of a fire in the room in front of the second floor is high, so the fire smoke burned through the front balcony window and quickly burned upwards. The exact location and cause of the fire have yet to be identified.

The investigation by the police and firefighters found that the Liu family who started the fire was engaged in cooking outside, and his grandmother also made rice dumplings for sale. Four grandparents and grandchildren were on the third floor when the fire broke out. The grandmother and the staff were making rice dumplings on the first floor, and the father was watching in the living room on the first floor. TV, the neighbors across the street noticed smoke coming from the second floor and shouted to inform the family that the family was surprised that the second floor was on fire.

Liu's grandfather questioned why he didn't send a ladder truck to save people?

The fire department stated that if a house below the third floor is on fire, it is most convenient to use manpower to rescue people by using a ladder. In addition, the house has iron windows on the outside, so it is impossible to rescue from the outside immediately.