remains the hottest spot on the battle map, and it's clear that it will remain so for a long time to come.

The Russian occupiers throw numerous resources into the maintenance of this city, trying to create a "great victory".

Canadian broadcaster CBC writes about it.

Before the large-scale war, the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut was known mostly as a place of salt production and a major transport hub.

Currently, this is a front-line city, possession of which does not affect the course of the war.

However, it is here that the fiercest battles took place, and the city, due to Russian attacks, resembles the equally mutilated, but strategically important Mariupol, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk.

Journalists of the Canadian broadcaster are trying to figure out why this is happening.

First, why do the Russians need it?

According to Sergei Grabskyi, a former soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and now a military analyst, for Vladimir Putin it is a matter of principle, and for the executor of the task, Yevgeny Prigozhin, it is a matter of money.

"The Russian leadership decided to capture this city at any cost and delegated the task to the "PMV Wagner". The PMV turned the battles in Bakhmut into a meat grinder, because human lives on the Russian side are currently not counted. By sending troops into Ukrainian positions, who are immediately killed, "The Wagnerites" discover the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hit them with artillery. And so it happens wave after wave - the Ukrainian army seems to be pelted with corpses," the publication writes.

Photo: Associated Press

Ukrainians may need the battles for Bakhmut for the same reason that the battles for Severodonetsk and Lysychansk were once needed.

In their attempts to capture the cities, the Russians then suffered huge losses, due to which the number of fighters in other areas of the front decreased - and this allowed the Ukrainians to carry out several successful counterattacks.

Will it work this time?

Military analyst Carolyn Hird answers as follows: "It can happen, but due to the mobilization in the Russian Federation and the shortening of the front line, this time the Ukrainians will have to kill much more Russian manpower."

Experienced Ukrainian soldiers, who have been serving in the Armed Forces for more than a year, note that the

battle for Bakhmut is one of the most dangerous of all time.

However, as the authors note, even in the case of capturing the city, the Russian Armed Forces will not receive any impetus for further advancement

Bakhmut became a trap: the ISW told about significant losses of the Russian Armed Forces near Donetsk

The armed forces of the Russian Federation do not stop trying to

capture Bakhmut

of the Donetsk region, continuing to exhaust their forces in this direction.

According to a Nov. 30 report by analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Russia's military command has failed to learn any lessons from previous high-casualty campaigns and is spending vast resources on targets of limited operational or strategic importance.

"Since the end of May, Russian forces have constantly spent their combat forces on small settlements around Bakhmut, and in the next six months they achieved success only at a distance of about a few kilometers," experts note.

This scheme of actions is very similar to the previous actions of the occupiers during the capture of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk at the beginning of the war.

That is, the command of the Russian Armed Forces concentrated large forces to take control of two cities that had limited operational and strategic importance.

But during the months of heavy fighting, the enemy's manpower and equipment were noticeably depleted.

The situation near Bakhmut

The Donetsk direction remains one of the hottest, where fierce fighting is currently ongoing.

In the Lyman and Bakhmut areas, the enemy continues to focus its main efforts on conducting 

offensive operations. 

Military expert Petro Chernyk Chernyk noted that the 

occupiers are trying to surround the defense forces of Ukraine

, bypassing them from the south of the city. 

Advisor to the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, believes that Russian troops in Bakhmut want to repeat what happened in Severodonetsk and 

force Ukrainian forces to leave the city.

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