The Japanese-style dormitory complex located on Jinhua Street in Taipei City "formerly the official residence of the Taipei Criminal Police Office" was transformed into the "Rongjin Time Living Park" by the Taipei City Cultural Bureau with an investment of 200 million yuan and after 3 years of restoration. Now it has won the highest honor for public works. Gold Award "Excellence" award.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)

[Reporter Yang Xinhui/Taipei Report] The Japanese-style dormitory group "formerly the official residence of the Taipei Criminal Police" located on Jinhua Street in Taipei City, the Taipei City Cultural Bureau invested 200 million yuan, and after 3 years of restoration, it was transformed into the "Rongjin Time Life Park". The entire row of Japanese-style old houses is deeply loved by the public. After its opening in September this year, it has become a new tourist attraction in Taipei City; the Taipei City Cultural Bureau first registered for the highest honor in public works, the "Public Works Gold Award", and won the "Excellent" award , and it is the only cultural asset among Taiwan's excellent cases.

The "Original Taipei Criminal Office" is one of the modern prisons built during the Japanese colonial period. It is the largest in Taiwan. After the liberation, it was used as the "Taipei Prison". , which is the prison management dormitory around the penal office, witnessing the historical development of Taiwan's prison administration since the Japanese period.

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In order to maintain and revitalize cultural assets, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei City carried out the planning and restoration of the overall space and equipment, and cooperated with the public and private parties to create a "Rongjin Time Living Park" shared by all ages. The restoration team reproduced the historical space with new and old co-construction techniques. situation, and collect the historical data of the criminal office, connect the historical scene, and retain the original environmental space, maintain the protected tree growth environment in the park, presenting the natural beauty of the symbiosis between the building and the tree; at the same time, the restoration team retains the remaining structure of the building after the fire, so that the catastrophe The remaining beams tell the life story of the building.

"Rongjin Time Life Park" has as many as 15 diverse brands in the park, including coffee, souvenirs, desserts, essential oils and other stores, and you can even experience wearing kimonos. It is rare to see a Japanese-style atmosphere in Taipei City; the park has barrier-free elevators , The barrier-free ramp movement allows the public to climb up the building and overlook the remains of the Taipei Prison wall; at the same time, a historical exhibition space is set up to plan exhibitions through cultural and historical materials such as cultural relics, so that the public can understand the historical relationship between the building complex and the Taipei Prison.

Xu Yujian, the design and construction supervisor architect of the "Former Taipei Criminal Office Official Building Restoration Project", said that before the renovation, he walked into the Taipei Criminal Office official building area and saw that it was full of ruins. The implementation of the reuse plan will further provide citizens with a new urban cultural life field , I am pleased with the restoration project of the prison, lighting up this originally dark block, and highlighting the renewal value of the old urban area.

Yang Jiexiang, chairman of Qinglin Construction Co., Ltd., the construction unit, thanked the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the design and construction supervision units for their assistance and supervision. The award is the greatest affirmation of the cooperation and dedication of all units to complete the project. In the future, more traditional building restorations will be completed We will continue to do our best to preserve cultural assets.

According to the Beishi Cultural Bureau, since the opening day of the park on September 7 this year, thousands to thousands of people have visited the park every day, and the revitalization of historical buildings has been well received by the public. This time, only two cultural assets in the country have won public engineering and architectural awards. " The former Taipei Criminal Office Office is the only winner of the "Excellence" award.

The Japanese-style dormitory complex located on Jinhua Street in Taipei City, "formerly the official building of the Taipei Criminal Police Office", has been transformed into the "Rongjin Time Life Park", and now it has won the "Excellent" award of the Public Works Gold Award, the highest honor in public works.

(Photo by reporter Yang Xinhui)