Russian president-dictator

Vladimir Putin

publicly held a "meeting with the mothers of the mobilized" on November 25, but only three of the 16 women had sons mobilized for the war.

At most - 11 out of 16 mothers work either in budget organizations or in pro-government public movements.

This is reported by "Meduza" with reference to sources in the administration of the Kremlin "Fuhrer".

The interlocutors of the publication say that the idea of ​​such an event appeared due to complaints about Putin's mobilization from both the military and their relatives.

"The mobilization affected many, many are still afraid of it. It was important to show that the president is aware of the problems and does not forget about the people," one source informs. 

Finding the right number of mothers turned out to be difficult.

After all, people from the streets cannot be allowed to see the president.

Because, they say, it is unknown "what they will ask, what they will demand, the incidents may be unpleasant."

That is why they decided to look for women, so to speak, supporters.

A few were picked up by Putin's administration staff, while others were searched for in the regions.

The participants of the meeting had to either "enter the vertical" or "know when and what to say."

The publication writes that priority was given to budget workers and officials who have been working for the state for a long time, as well as members of "United Russia" and "All-Russian People's Front".

It is noted that the "mothers of the mobilized" selected for the meeting mentioned not only their regions, but also the governors and other officials under whose patronage they arrived.

It will be recalled that on November 25, Putin met at his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo near Moscow

with a group of mothers allegedly mobilized

to participate in the war in Ukraine. 

According to the words, after 9 months of war in Ukraine, mothers of Russian soldiers began to worry about the future of their children.


began to demand that the authorities return their sons home

and even wrote an open letter from the mothers of the Russian Federation.

A public movement of relatives of Russian conscripts and conscripts also began in the Russian Federation.

 They demand the return of their loved ones from the front

 and seek an open meeting with the president and Putin.

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