The BeReal app was named the iPhone App of the Year at Apple's 2022 App Store Awards, recognizing 16 apps and games handpicked by Apple's App Store editors around the world for "best-selling apps." A unique experience and a great cultural foster.


is a social media app that gives users accurate information about the lives of their friends and family in an age where many popular social media apps seem to show off their lifestyle. It will be a luxury home, a new car, a special meal.

go on vacation abroad

sometimes until it seems to be overly

The BeReal

or Truth app

therefore wants to be an alternative to social media for users to post or share what is real under the regulations.

In particular, you can only post once a day.

The app will notify you to post in 2 minutes, take a photo and share immediately in that moment what you're doing and where in real time.

The camera is specially designed for both selfies and the front at the same time.

but no filters to decorate the image

including the map

can see that friends

Where were you at the time of posting?

makes us see real life

of friends at that time

Really reflect the way of life. The BeReal app has received attention and interest.

It is increasingly popular and is challenging many popular social media apps today.