National Taiwan University spoke out earlier about the results of Zheng Wencan's dissertation review.

(Photo by reporter Yang Mianjie)

[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan was accused of plagiarism in his master's thesis at the National Taiwan University National Development Institute. National Taiwan University confirmed that the review has been completed, but did not explain the result.

Earlier, Zheng Wencan voluntarily issued a statement that his thesis was found to be plagiarized and his master's degree was revoked.

National Taiwan University further clarified that all were reviewed and approved in accordance with relevant regulations, and the investigation results have been notified, and the requirements for academic ethics and integrity will not be ambiguous.

New Party Taoyuan City Councilor Candidate You Zhibin made a big move in October this year to hold a press conference at the gate of National Taiwan University, presenting more than 100 pages of evidence to question the three major flaws in Zheng Wencan's thesis, including plagiarism, falsified references, and ghostwriting.

National Taiwan University issued a statement at the time stating that it will first review the attached evidence and then confirm whether it is accepted. If it is accepted, it will ask its affiliated college to form an approval committee to conduct the review. It will uphold the principles of fairness, impartiality, objectivity, and clarity.

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Regarding the review process, National Taiwan University stated that the Academic Affairs Office received a signed report letter on October 4, specifically stating that Zheng Sheng's master's thesis involved plagiarism.

After reviewing the necessary conditions, the Academic Affairs Office confirmed the acceptance according to the "Key Points for Handling Cases Violating Academic Ethics in Ph.D.

The Academy of Social Sciences also forms an approval committee in accordance with the key points of handling, and handles the approval work in accordance with the academic ethics investigation and handling procedures.

National Taiwan University mentioned that after the Academy of Social Sciences completed the verification work, it has sent its verification report and meeting minutes to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.

After the Office of Academic Affairs confirmed the establishment and deliberation process of the approval committee, as well as the report content of the approval letter, the Office of Academic Affairs agreed with the report content and suggestions of the approval letter.

The school has notified the informant, the accused and the Ministry of Education of the results of the investigation.

National Taiwan University reiterates that academic ethics and integrity are the basic requirements of academic research. National Taiwan University adheres to this standard and will not be ambiguous in order to maintain the academic reputation of the school for nearly a century.