Yongkang Reclaimed Water Plant is in operation.

(Provided by Tainan City Government)

[Reporter Hong Ruiqin/Tainan Report] The rainfall in Tainan this year is only about 60% of the previous years. December entered the dry season, and the water storage capacity of Zengwen Reservoir was 32.4%. For 27 days, mayor Huang Weizhe instructed all bureaus to use recycled water instead of tap water. The city government should start from itself and encourage the public to follow up.

There are currently 7 water resource centers in Tainan, which purify local sewage into recycled water. According to the latest statistics from the Water Conservancy Bureau, various units of the city government have begun to use recycled water instead of tap water. On average, about 4,000 tons of recycled water are used every day for irrigation. , Street washing and other purposes.

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At the end of November, the municipal government held a drought-resistance preparation meeting. During the meeting, it was decided that all bureaus should use recycled water instead of tap water within the scope of their business.

Huang Weizhe also reminded all bureaus and departments not to be careless in drought relief at the municipal meeting. Government departments must take the lead in saving water and replace tap water from their own business. He also asked relevant bureaus to guide private use. Currently, 7 water resource centers are available for free use by the public. Recycled water, as long as it is not used for drinking or in frequent contact with skin, can be used in large quantities for environmental cleaning.

The Nanshi Water Conservancy Bureau stated that Tainan is currently purifying recycled water into reclaimed water. Take the Yongkang Reclaimed Water Plant as an example. ) from the beginning of the year, the daily supply of recycled water is 10,000 tons.

The Water Conservancy Bureau stated that Tainan will aim to supply 63,000 tons of recycled water per day in 2024 to meet the needs of Tainan's industries and people's livelihood, and also strengthen the city's ability to resist drought.