Grab the beauty of Penghu photography competition, the gold medal in the general group is for aerial photography.

(Provided by Tourism Office of Penghu County Government)

[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] The Penghu Government Tourism Office announced the winners of the "2022 Capturing the Beauty of Penghu" photography competition. Because some of them involved aerial photography, the outside world questioned whether the application was legal?

Director Chen Meiling immediately asked the Penghu County Photographic Society, which was the organizer, to contact the photographers of the award-winning aerial shots to provide supporting documents.

This year, we seized the beauty of Penghu photography competition, divided into 18 award-winning works in the firework group and the general group, and 7 of the winning works were judged to be aerial shots, including the gold medal "Mudouyu" and the silver medal in the general group Three entries including "Beauty of Basalt Coast of Dongjiyu" and "Beauty of Coast of Dongyu Ping Ancient House" for the Bronze Medal Award, as well as excellent works of the general category "Twists and turns", "Color Notes", "Beauty of Stone and Shanghai" and "Sea Giant Beast" Wait.

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Since the aerial camera is a new shooting method, the law has only gradually come into use in recent years, and many judges are not yet familiar with the law. Chen Junting, a Penghu aerial camera player, kindly reminded the Tourism Office that the gold medal award in the general category is outside the line of sight and has doubts about the height; The green area of ​​the park; the bronze medal is in the height limit area of ​​the national park, and the flight has exceeded the height limit; there are netizens adding that Dongji, Dongyuping and the helipad should also be reported to the Health Bureau.

In response to the suggestions of professional aerial photography players, Director of Tourism Chen Meiling, in addition to being kind and kind, immediately asked the winners to submit a legal application certificate for aerial photography. The Civil Aviation Law and related regulations have clear regulations. Participants participating in the competition should abide by the established regulations to maintain the fairness and impartiality of the competition. If the participants fail to provide legal proof according to the limit, the award qualifications and bonuses will be cancelled, and similar competitions will be conducted in the future. Relevant regulations will also be clearly included in the competition brochure.

The gold, silver and bronze medals in the general competition were all aerial auction works, sparking controversy over legal applications.

(Provided by Tourism Office of Penghu County Government)