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The price of drinking water in Pernik is expected to increase by about 30 percent starting next year.

The increase in the price is included in the business plan of the Waterworks, and the final decision will be made by KEVR, BNR reported.

The increase in prices is inevitable and is related to the drastically increased overall costs in the company's work, said the manager of the Waterworks Pernik Borislav Ivanov and added:

Electricity in Serbia has become more expensive since the New Year

"Currently, we are working according to the old business plan with electricity prices of BGN 190. It is currently BGN 450 and every day it goes in different directions. Fuel and materials - everything is more expensive. Considering a 15% increase in wages, so as agreed with the unions... Everything else cannot go up in price and we go with the old prices, provided that we also have expenses, and we have obligations that we cannot cover, because we have no other source of funds than from the sale of water. Another thing that affects the price quite a bit is the investment that is made for the water cycle. There is no way that the co-financing part, that 10 percent that is for water supply, should not be included in the price of water".