Let's start with Vaptsarov, the favorite of not one and two of our citizens:

"we were peasants who

smelled of onions and sour,

and under the mustaches hanging

life we ​​cursed angrily [...] 

Was it life - to describe it?

Was it life - to dig it up?

If you dig it up, it will smell…”


It will smell, ya…

There are two theories about the folk psychology of the Bulgarian and his nature.

According to one, he is an overly complex composite being, made up of overly complex components of intellect and emotion, therefore difficult to understand and difficult to predict.

According to the other, he is a rather elementary being and therefore extremely easy to understand and predict, therefore also for manipulation. 

Both theories are equally prevalent. 

According to one theory

, the victims of a world conspiracy - forever pulled down by the Illuminati - remain misunderstood by the world, Hollywood will never make a movie about their characters or their yogurt, because only they know what they are: slavery, weight, heroism, masculinity, factory destinies, rural romances, song, Balkan...

According to the other theory

, dim-witted Cheburashians and dumb politicians have so brainwashed this people that they know exactly which buttons to push in order to behave exactly as they want and lead by the nose. 

As I said, both theories are equally prevalent.

Yesterday we found out that Kiro and Asen,

who ruled for seven months, are to blame for Lukoil not paying taxes.

One of the philosophical movement for liberties suggested it.

Lukoil has been in Bulgaria since 1999, and they have not paid taxes since 2007. But the representative of the philosophical school of rights and freedoms with the attractive hairstyle did not bother to test the intelligence of the audience and suggest that Kiro and Asen are guilty. 

The public, due to the peculiarities of its folk psychology, bit the fishing rod by the handle. 

Probably because it is too complex and made up of too entangled components of intellect and emotions, if for no other reason. 

Reactions on social media (where the population has them as the real and only sources of important news, information and sharing of sauerkraut recipes) were not long in coming and overflowed with verbal pearls addressed to - as they like to call - Kokorcho and PrstoKiro, with for Lena, railings, crystals, and other oddities of the literary genius of an already genius populace. 

Completely on topic with Lukoil, of course.

As well as on the topic of how it is they - the three villains - who are to blame for this fairy tale. 

Point two of the humanism exercise.

Itso Hazarda commented that the status quo has taken over the elections and will do whatever it wants.

The mass comments were of the "fuck the soup you junkie" variety.

Excellent logic and again very spot on and on topic. 

The logic, of course, is based on (because the cheater is a very complex emotional person): I don't care so much that I will feel bad, the important thing is that those who don't like me will feel sick.

It is not so important to them that dead people will vote with paper ballots, and it will be trampled with invalid ballots and we all know who will win where.

The important thing is that Izzo is sick now.

Probably to Izzo, who has made enough money to see him through not only this winter, but every winter to come, but also - if need be - take his family and move out at any point in the world and live decently, it will be much, much harder for him than Bai ti Blagoi from Chepruchevo, whose employer pays him with seeds and candies, where he wrote 14 comments: "blow the soup, drug addict". 

The simple logic of things indicates that Itso is of the simple nature, while Blagoi is of the complex nature.

I can't help it.

And more importantly, by winning the paper elections with the dead souls, Bai Ti Blagoi's employer (who is our man, a local Bai) will be able to continue paying him pennies and no insurance.

Which will be a wonderful occasion for a celebration for Bai ti Blagoi and his whole family, because with the unpaid insurance they will be able to screw the state - and this is a favorite of all the heirs of Andreshko, who have Bai Gagno as a national hero.

Oh, what fun!

If they were some elementary natures with an elementary folk psychology,

our people would think that if for 30+ years this one, this one, and that one had lined up to rule and it only changed from bad to worse, and then some new people came and raised pensions and salaries for about seven months and starts digging into the barrel of corruption, and those already in charge ALL TOGETHER rush to attack them...

… it probably has a movement and the previous ones are the different faces of the same mutro-police government brought down by Kremlin scions of incompetent scumbags fighting for the bone with common efforts.  

But since the thief is a complex nature, such stupidity would not occur to him. 

There is one phenomenon that I still can't quite grasp in my simpler head, and I don't know how to qualify it yet.

But my capacity is much lower than average and that's why I'm struggling. 

The phenomenon is: how, when the dushmans Kokorcho, ProstoKiro and the mega-villain Lena complained about the bad succession in power, the cohorts of Mr. General and General Zelenokorapski kept joking that "so much time has passed, it's all the previous ones' fault... haha -ha", and now so much time has passed since the villains have not ruled, and the cohort is still chewing on their names. 

I wonder how to comment on this, but as I already said: my capacity is too small to understand these things. 

Ah yes – and one more thing I can't figure out with my simpler head.

Why can't everyone defending Putin on the web spell correctly?

They're hardly dumb, are they?

They are not…?

That must be some kind of secret spy code, huh?

It's not that they're illiterate, they're just conveying coded messages in jumbled word salads with misspellings. 


"If you dig it up - it will smell..."

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