Wu Xindai believes: "From the nomination, we can see the current problems of the Chinese Kuomintang." (Photo taken from Wu Xindai's Facebook page)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] In the by-election of the Legislative Council Members of Taipei’s third constituency (Northern Songshan and Zhongshan District), it was reported yesterday that the recently re-elected Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei might join the election campaign. Netizens lamented that she “run away before taking office.” In this regard, Wu Xindai, a beautiful doctor who has devoted herself to politics, wrote on Facebook: "The current problems of the Chinese Kuomintang can be seen from the nomination."

Wu Xindai said that Wang Hongwei is a senior member of parliament, but she is still willing to take the risk of immediate resignation and participate in the legislative by-election, risking the reputation of dishonest voters. This means that the talent pool of the KMT has bottomed out, and no young talents can qualify opportunities and space.

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Wu Xindai said that Wang Hongwei should also know that when Han Guoyu fell after the presidential election, it was because the mayor ran to run for president complacently before he sat up.

Wu lamented that the Kuomintang had to ask for a newly elected senior member of parliament for the purpose of elections, and he was notorious for running away.

Wu Xindai also mentioned that in this election, the Pan-Green camp has gained more seats at the level of local public opinion representatives. This means that the local camp has no chance of gaining further congressional seats. Is it such a wrong decision?"

Wu Xindai talked about Wang Hongwei's possible election on Facebook.

(Photo taken from Wu Xindai’s Facebook page)