The Kyiv Children's Choir performed the world's most famous Christmas carol right at the city's central station, without even taking off their outerwear.

This was reported on the air of



It is noted that the impromptu rehearsal immediately gathered the audience, who began to film the unplanned concert on their phones.

On December 4, the "Schedryk" choir will perform in one of the most famous concert halls in the world, "Carnegie Hall".

It was there, 100 years ago, that the premiere of the show in North America took place.

It is worth noting that the composition of 

Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovich


is the most famous among Christmas songs for Ukrainians and the Western world.

It spawned countless covers and became a Christmas classic in the US. 

Leontovych wrote his composition as we know it not once, but worked on "Schedryk" practically all his life.

While writing the four-note melody, he drew inspiration from Ukrainian folk songs and melodies that he heard as a child in Podilly, where he grew up.

The composer created its first edition in 1901-1902, the second in 1906-1908, the third in

in 1914, the fourth in 1916, and finally the fifth in 1919.

Each time he tried to improve his melody, because he did not like any of them, but he considered the fourth version to be the most successful, so he decided to leave it to the audience.

Thus, on the eve of the New Year celebration in 1916, "Shchedryk" was performed for the first time by the choir of the Kyiv Music and Drama Institute named after M.V.

Lysenko, where Leontovych worked.

The composition was a colossal success and literally glorified its author, who still did not consider it ideal.

World fame

came to this composition thanks to the conductor of the choir "Ukrainian Republican Chapel" Oleksandr Koshytsev and 80 of his members.

It was they who brought the composition overseas.

"Schedryk" was heard for the first time in the USA on October 5, 1921 at a concert in Carnegie Hall in New York.

There is a legend that Petro Vilgovsky (also of Ukrainian origin, although born in the USA) was there that evening, who was so impressed by the melody that he decided to write his own version of the words in English.

But maybe he heard her already in the recording. 

The song reminded Vilgovsky of the ringing of bells, which is why he wrote his poems about them.

Later, the song became established in the musical culture of the West under the name 

Carol of the Bells


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