The victim's shoes were stolen three times by Wu Nan to vent her desires, which has caused great fear to her psychology.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)

[Reporter Tong Zhenguo/Nantou Report] A 22-year-old man surnamed Wu from Nantou County has a special preference for women's shoes, which can even arouse sexual desire. He not only stole two pairs of shoes from a nearby female neighbor in February this year, but also used them for "handjob". He ejaculated in a woman's shoe to vent his desire and then discarded it. He was sentenced to 50 days in prison for theft. Unexpectedly, Wu Nan went to the neighbor's house to repeat the same behavior on November 24 and yesterday, and returned the shoe after the incident. After reading the monitor, it was found that the super collapsed, and the police were reported to bring Wu Nan to justice on suspicion of theft.

According to the police investigation, the man surnamed Wu saw two pairs of women’s shoes outside the house of a woman surnamed Gao near his home in February this year, and stole the shoes. He was still a man, and he was so angry that he filed a complaint with the police. Wu Nan admitted that the women's shoes would arouse his sexual desire when he came to the case. He couldn't help it for a while before he stole the shoes. Wu Nan was prosecuted for theft, and the court ruled in the middle of last month that he was sentenced to 50 days of criminal detention.

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But the nightmare of the woman surnamed Gao is not over yet. On November 24 and yesterday, Wu Nan went to her house to commit crimes again, repeated the same behavior, and then secretly put the shoes back into the shoe cabinet, thinking that no one knew, but the woman Just wanted to know if her family members helped to collect the items purchased online. After checking the monitor playback, she saw the scene that made her overwhelmed, and called the police again.

The woman surnamed Gao said that she thought that Mr. Wu would not commit the crime again after he was brought to justice, but when she played back the monitor screen, she found it twice in just one week. Whether it happened at other times, thinking about it made her scalp tingle, and she was even more worried about herself and the women in her family. Member Safety.

Shen Zhengnan, a psychiatrist at the Caotun Sanatorium of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, pointed out that there are two possible reasons for Wu Nan's behavior. One is the fetishism of women's shoes, or the lack of resources for sexual satisfaction. Interested, but attached to certain parts or clothing, such as shoes or undergarments. Even if such people have a partner who can have sex, it is the shoes or undergarments that mainly arouse sexual desire, not the other party itself.

Lack of sexual satisfaction resources means poor cognitive function, social barriers, or economic disadvantages, and cannot find a partner for sexual satisfaction, and can only seek sexual satisfaction through the opposite sex's intimate clothing. In addition, stealing women's shoes or clothing, Because of fear of being discovered, it brings stimulation in the process, which is more likely to lead to sexual excitement.

Shen Zhengnan said that if such people have fetishes, of course they can receive treatment. Will relapse.

The victim's high-heeled shoes and sneakers were stolen by Wu Nan and returned after venting his desire.

(Photo by reporter Tong Zhenguo)

Wu Nan took advantage of the dead of night to go to the nearby female neighbor's house to steal shoes.

(Provided by people surnamed Gao)

After the man surnamed Wu stole the shoes to vent his desire, he secretly opened the shoe cabinet and returned the women's shoes.

(Provided by people surnamed Gao)