Biden (pictured left) and Macron (pictured right) delivered speeches at the dinner.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] French President Emmanuel Macron visited the United States and discussed a number of global issues with US President Biden. The White House prepared a state banquet for Macron this Thursday. There were 200 fresh lobsters on the table With the blue cheese produced in Oregon in the northwest of the United States, the dinner was hosted by American jazz singer Jon Batiste.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, after Macron arrived in Washington on November 29 local time, he discussed state affairs with US President Biden, including issues such as peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, human rights issues, and climate change.

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The report pointed out that, according to the statement released by the White House, Biden’s wife Jill (Jill Biden) specially prepared cheese and sparkling wine produced in the United States to entertain the guests in order to allow Macron and the delegation officials to taste the food. There are 200 live American crayfish, which are specially invited to be airlifted from Maine to Washington DC, as well as red onion beef, chiffon cakes with American and French flags, and many other delicious dishes. The garden where the dinner party is held A large tent was set up, and the tables were filled with candlesticks and flowers representing the colors of the two countries, which were elegantly decorated.

Jill specially used blue cheese produced in Oregon in the northwest of the United States for this state banquet, including Rogue River Blue from Rogue Valley in Oregon, which won the World Cheese Championships in 2019. It is the first product in the United States to receive this honor.

In addition, the meal is accompanied by American sparkling wine, but the container uses a French-made glass.

The Elysee Palace, the French presidential palace, stated that the list of gifts from Macron to US President Biden included cups from the top French tableware and jewelry brand Christofle. The White House has not yet responded to the details of the gift.

The dinner was hosted and performed by American jazz singer Baptiste. Jill revealed, "Because he (Baptiste) grew up in New Orleans, the city is deeply influenced by French and American culture."

It is reported that Macron will visit New Orleans on December 2 local time and will meet with the Governor of Louisiana and sign a memorandum on climate change.

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