The door of the house is often blocked by neighbors parked motorcycles.

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[Reporter Cai Qinghua/Kaohsiung Report] In front of the iron gate of a Toutian residence in Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City, neighbors often parked motorcycles blocking the way to get in and out. He came out to move the car, but was accused of making noise and rebelling against the general.

The Cuiping Police Station of the Nanzi Police Sub-bureau received a report on the evening of November 28 that there were disputes and traffic obstacles in an alley on Demin Road in Nanzi District. The parked locomotive blocked the entrance and exit, so I honked the horn for a long time. Because there was no red line drawn on the scene, the locomotive was parked next to the edge of the road, and there was no violation. After a tactful explanation, we assisted in the guidance to allow the vehicles to enter and exit smoothly.

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Later that night, in the Facebook community, a netizen posted a post "Cars in the alley honked their horns continuously for tens of seconds" which involved the provisions of Article 41 of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations. A fine of up to 6,000 yuan may be imposed for making noise or making noise late at night, which disturbs the peace of the public."

The owner of the house surnamed Lin said that the door of their house was often blocked by neighbors' motorcycles, which made it impossible for vehicles to enter and exit, and even had sick people at home who needed medical treatment and were unable to enter and exit in emergencies. Because there is no right to forcibly move the car without drawing a red line, and I don’t know which family the owner of the locomotive is, so I honk the horn to ask the owner to come out and move the car.

The police said that if another car blocks the road in an alley, you can ask the police to help contact the owner of the car to eliminate the situation, or report to the road authority for marking and marking. Do not make noise arbitrarily, so as not to disturb the peace of the community.