The dead green sea turtle found in Erkan sea area was once suspected to be related to the release of sea turtles into the wild by the Marine Protection Administration.

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[Reporter Liu Yuqing/Penghu Report] Today (2nd) the dead body of the green sea turtle was found in Erkan sea area of ​​Xiyu, Penghu.

Last month, the Marine Protection Bureau raised five sea turtles in the Dayi Palace on the beach in Magongwei, two of which were equipped with satellite transmitters and "lost contact", which once made the outside world suspect the connection between the two.

It is understood that the public found a dead sea turtle in the sea area of ​​Erkan today. It was 45 cm long and 42 cm wide.

Of the 5 sea turtles released in the wild on the beach in Heli last month, 1 green sea turtle and 1 loggerhead sea turtle were equipped with satellite transmitters. In the Fenggui and Wukan sea areas, there is no information after that.

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Marine Protection Agency: too busy to organize and upload

The sea turtles in Dayi Palace have been kept in captivity for many years, and the outside world has questioned that the rash release may be "release to death" rather than release. According to the website information released by the Coast Guard, the two sea turtles equipped with transmitters stayed on November 17 and 20 respectively, and there will be no follow-up. There was another update of the information, which led to suspicions that it was related to the death of the green sea turtle.

However, the Marine Protection Agency said that the data from the transmitters of the two sea turtles have been sent back one after another, but the business has been heavy recently, and it has not had time to sort out and upload them.

According to the updated information from the Marine Protection Agency, the green sea turtle released into the wild received the first satellite signal on November 17 outside Suogang Fishing Port. The latest reported location is in the waters near Suogang.

The loggerhead turtle received the first satellite signal on November 19 in the sea off Xiyu, and the latest reported location was in the waters near Suogang. The latest signal was on December 2. The price of the transmitter was 45,000 yuan.

The information on the transmitter of the turtle released into the wild has not been updated for a long time, which once aroused doubts from the outside world.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liu Yuqing)