Urban spectacle!

The front of the dark gray SUV, with a "directional warning sign" inserted, is speeding along the Taichung Highway 74.

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[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] On the Taichung Highway 74 with heavy traffic, yesterday (1st) there was a dark-colored TOYOTA (Toyota) SUV with a "directional warning sign" inserted into the front of the car. Speeding, quite absurd and exaggerated, this "very fierce and craziest" driver is actually a 71-year-old grandfather named Lai. He took the initiative to report to the No. Due to the dazzling setting sun, he couldn’t see clearly and hit the separation island. The “Separation Sign Warning Board” got stuck on the front of the car. I'll deal with it when I have time."

The above-mentioned picture was uploaded to Facebook and sparked discussions among netizens. It was yesterday evening on the Xitun-Nantun road section of Taiwan Highway 74. The driver did not take down the warning sign, but drove on the expressway of Taiwan Highway 74. It was weird and outrageous. Netizens called it "too fierce", "really crazy", "an alternative mobile god master card", "why Isn't it a warning sign with a speed limit of 110 kilometers?".

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The above-mentioned driver, known as "the craziest and fiercest", went to the Sixth Branch of the Zhongshi Police Station this afternoon to explain that it was a 71-year-old man surnamed Lai. In the second section of Huanzhong Road, Tun District, he went to the Kaixuan Gate and went to the Expressway 74 towards Nantun. Because the sun was setting in the evening and the sun was dazzling, he couldn't see the road ahead and hit the separation island of the Kaixuan Gate. The broken "directional sign warning board" was stuck in the front of the car.

The grandfather surnamed Lai said that at that time he thought the car could still be driven, and he would wait until the next day (referring to today) to deal with it when he was free. He drove the damaged car with a "separation sign warning plate" stuck on the front of the car and drove all the way I went to my home in Changhua City and explained to the police this afternoon.

The police judged that the main cause of the accident was that the grandfather surnamed Lai did not pay attention to the situation in front of the car. No one was injured in this case, only the separation island and the "warning sign of the direction sign" were broken, and only property was lost. The competent authority of the road, the General Administration of Highways, negotiated compensation.

Violating Article 43, Paragraph 1, Subparagraph 1 of the "Regulations on Road Traffic Management Penalties" by driving in "other dangerous ways", a fine of up to 24,000 yuan has been issued to him.

Grandpa Lai claimed that he hit the separation island when the sun was setting and the sun was dazzling.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Ruizhen)

Grandfather Lai's SUV crashed into the "Warning sign of the direction sign", and the warning sign was stuck in the dent in the front of the car.

(provided by the police)

The location where Grandpa Lai smashed the "Warning sign and direction sign".

(provided by the police)