Taoyuan Guangqi High School teachers and students petitioned for a change of principal.

(Photo provided by private school union)

[Reporter Zhou Minhong/Taoyuan Report] Teachers and students of Guangqi High School in Guishan District, Taoyuan City petitioned to replace principal Zou Shaoteng, questioning that the principal forced the teachers to agree to a salary cut, and the number of students has dropped from 1,000 to 636 at present. , 7 are not teachers, do not cooperate with the enrollment work, and deliberately destroy the atmosphere of the school, which hurts him who is actively running the school. He will continue to communicate with them, and will also provide the option of preferential withdrawal, so that they can consider whether to leave the school.

Zou Shaoteng took the plane to Bangkok, Thailand today. He said that in order to actively recruit students, he went to Thailand, Vietnam and other countries to promote the school's school-running characteristics and strive to maintain the school's enrollment results.

The teachers who are dissatisfied with him do not cooperate with the enrollment, do not want to do administrative work, and intend to incite other teachers to fight against him, but for the sake of the school's management, he will not give up communicating with the teachers.