Finally, the cabinet of

Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha

approved the royal decree on collecting a 0.1 percent share sales tax, according to

Arkhom Termpittayapaisith .

the finance minister proposed

After being in the news for a long time

to raise money to cover government revenues

It will come into force from April 1, 2023 after it has been published in the Royal Gazette.

Give 90 days to prepare. In the first year of 2023, only half of the tax will be collected at 0.055% (including local taxes). From 2024 onwards, the full rate of 0.11% (including local taxes) will be collected after 40 years of exemption. The finance minister explained the reason in the cabinet. that the Thai stock market has grown a lot

Market capitalization has increased by 22 times over 30 years ago. The sale tax on stocks will increase the fairness of taxation and reduce disparity in the distribution of income.

Thai stock market today

There are 4.74 million trading accounts if counting unique accounts, there are 2.32 million, most of them are retail investors.

who hope to increase investment income

due to insufficient regular income

The government itself encourages people to invest.

for long-term savings and increasing income

but really active stock trading account

There are only hundreds of thousands of accounts per day.

This tax collection on shares, Mr. Arkom revealed that in

case of stock trading through Marker Maker

, whether it is a provident fund.

Government Pension Fund (GPF), Social Security Fund

will be exempt from this tax

Because it is a large fund that helps create liquidity for the stock market.

It is expected that the Revenue Department will earn income from sales tax on shares of 16,000 million baht per year, but in the first year it will collect only 8,000 million baht. I understand that sales tax on shares is 16,000 million baht. past

Which is worth more than 14 trillion baht, but this number will not be like this forever.

sales taxation

Big investors both agree and disagree.

Some people see that it will reduce speculation of stocks, but others think that if speculation disappears

may cause the Thai stock market to be lonely

Stock prices expected to rise may decline.

As a result, the P/E value is not high.

Foreign investors may overlook the Thai stock market.


Dr. Kobsak Pootrakool,

Executive Vice President

Bangkok Bank

Chairman of the Thai Stock Exchange Business Council

disagree with this taxation

saw that this period was not the right time

because it was during the time when the market was extremely turbulent

Various assets such as stocks, bonds, gold, currency and new assets such as crypto since the end of last year have affected investors.

And will fluctuate for a longer time. In addition, there is an economic crisis that may lie ahead.

which has begun to be seen in some countries

And the liquidity of the Thai stock market has continued to decline.

Less than half of the previous

Mr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai,

director and manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand, revealed that initially the Stock Exchange of Thailand will work with the Association of Thai Securities Companies.

Prepare to collect such taxes.

In order to have the lowest cost and efficiency.

Including preparing to make a proposal on tax collection details to the Ministry of Finance.

in order to avoid duplicate taxation from investors in certain types of transactions

I believe that the government will collect sales tax as scheduled. The government of Uncle Tu, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, is fading. He has been prime minister for 8 years, creating enormous debts for Thailand until having to increase the public debt ceiling from 60% to 70%. The debt in the budget is increased from 30% to 35% in order to borrow more money to cover the budget.

The people were indebted to each other.

Household debt data for the second quarter of this year, Thai households in debt increased by 3.5% from last year, amounting to more than 14.75 trillion baht, representing 88.2% of GDP. Surpassed GDP or not?

"The Wind Changes Direction"