The national team of masks is gaining business opportunities and selling cooking bags!

The picture shows Lai Mingyi, general manager of Jumao Company.

(Photo provided by Jumao Company)

[Reporter Yan Hongjun/Changhua Report] With the loosening of mask regulations, the demand for masks may slow down in the future. How will the former "mask national team" get out of the "post-pandemic business opportunities"?

Jumao Biotechnology, a subsidiary of Julong Fiber, entered the gourmet market for the first time, selling room temperature conditioning packs.

Jumao Company released a new product of cooking package today. General Manager Lai Mingyi said that the transition from textile fiber to gourmet food is indeed not a small change. However, in the past two years, their masks have been put on shelves through many e-commerce platforms, and Jumao has gained a lot from it. Big data information, which became the basis for their "post-pandemic" development.

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He said that the outbreak period of masks has passed. Although it will become a "necessity of life", the demand will gradually slow down. However, after two years of the epidemic period, "eating" has become infinitely possible. They saw that during the epidemic and the epidemic Afterwards, "Eating Business Opportunities" decided to step into the food industry.

Lai Mingyi pointed out that in the past, Chinese people's "eating" was limited to eating at home and outside, but the epidemic has made "eating patterns" more diverse. They found that prepared food is an item worth developing, and the quality of prepared food in the market has been reduced. They keep pace with fresh food, but most of them need to be stored at low temperature. They are sterilized by high temperature and high pressure without adding any preservatives.