In response to the by-election of Nantou legislators, DPP county councilor Lai Yanxue said that she is obliged to fight for it with all her strength and strive to win the election.

(Photo by reporter Liu Binquan)

[Reporter Liu Binquan/Nantou Report] KMT legislator Xu Shuhua was elected as Nantou county magistrate, and the remaining legislative seats will be held in a by-election. In addition to Cai Peihui and Chen Jiheng, the Democratic Progressive Party has loud voices. Former Nantou county councilor Lin Yonghong also recommended county councilor Lai Yanxue. Lai Yanxue said that she The strength of the grassroots is strong, and the county councilors in Nantou and Mingjian constituencies are almost the most voted. I hope that the Party Central Committee will listen to the local voices.

Lin Yonghong said that the outside world thinks that he moved his household registration for the by-election of legislators, but it is not. He insists on "not seeking war, not afraid of war" in the by-election of legislators. But in terms of the strongest combat power, he thinks that Lai Yanxue is the best candidate, even if she is in the The Nantou mayor election failed this time, but the constituencies in the by-election were Nantou City, Zhushan Town and other 7 townships along the Zhuoshui River. , the by-election has the best chance of winning.

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Lai Yanxue pointed out that she once competed with Lin Mingqin, the current Nantou county magistrate, for a legislator. Although she lost, she set a record of more than 60,000 votes for the Democratic Progressive Party in the constituency. For many years, she has been elected with the highest number of votes almost every time. She has been running the local government for a long time and considers herself the most powerful. She is confident in the by-election of legislators. .