The winner of "Eurovision-2016"


published a photo of Kyiv, which was drowned in darkness as a result of massive missile attacks on Ukraine. 

In her post, the singer wanted to show the consequences of Russian aggression and what Ukrainians have to go through now.

However, as Jamala noted, soon Russia itself has long plunged into darkness. 

"Russia is brazenly trying to deprive Ukrainians of heat, light and water. And it does not plan to stop. Today there are again worries...

The previous strikes have led to the fact that the electricity production deficit is now about 30%. This is a significant percentage, unfortunately. Thousands of towns, villages and about 6 million people are now without electricity. I used to travel by train and see illuminated streets at night, this time I saw the country in darkness. The aggressor country wants to plunge Ukraine into this darkness, and at the same time, it has been drowning in it for a long time," Jamala wrote.

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The singer also thanked Ukrainians for their indomitability, and especially critical infrastructure workers who work day and night to restore the country's energy supply.

"I thank all those who work and restore light. There are more than 1,000 specialists. You are heroes! Thank you to the people who help each other in this difficult time. We should be united as much as possible," the artist added. 

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