Legislator Huang Guoshu responded to Lan Ying's use of him as a shield for Wang Hongwei's "running away".

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The newly re-elected KMT Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei was recruited by the party and decided to run in the by-election of the legislators in the third constituency of Taipei City. Participating in the by-election of legislators as a member of parliament, as a shield for Wang Hongwei.

In this regard, Huang Guoshu responded.

"If you decide to run for election, you have to bear the blame. You don't need to use Huang Guoshu as a shield." Huang Guoshu posted on Facebook that it is understandable for the Kuomintang to nominate the most powerful Wang Hongwei for the victory, but the Kuomintang also has to face problems. If you want to run for a legislator across districts, of course you have to accept voters' doubts.

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Huang Guoshu pointed out that the key point is how to respond to doubts. He raised three points: First, Lin Jialong resigned as a legislator one week before the election, and he then used all possible methods in the last week, including text messages and publicity vehicles to appeal to voters "Don't vote for Huang Guoshu ", and voted for the newcomer Jiang Zhaoguo, but Jiang won the highest vote. "In the Central and Western District, I was the only member of the Democratic Progressive Party. Jiang Zhaoguo took over, and I was the last member of the crane. Since then, the Central and Western District's three-seat DPP has always retained two seats." .

Second, his constituency for legislators is the Central and Western District and the Southeast District. After the senators are sworn in, they register to participate in the legislative by-election. "If I have become a candidate for the legislature and then go to the parliament to be sworn in, voters will inevitably question why both positions are required, and it is difficult to make sense."

Huang Guoshu said that even though he tried his best to explain to the voters at the time, he still had to face overwhelming criticism and scolding. He also advised: "If you decide to run for election, you have to face all kinds of legitimacy doubts sincerely. You don't need to avoid them, let alone use other people's cases as a shield. Without giving up before, there will be no gain later, and voters will eventually make the right judgment.”