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The National Insurance Institute (NII) informed about the procedure by which the new one-time financial assistance for heating in the amount of BGN 300, which was voted by the Council of Ministers at the end of November, will be granted.

The funds will be paid once in the period from December 12, 2022 to December 23, 2022, according to the way in which individuals receive other social payments, the department specified. 

Social benefits should be linked to the amount of the poverty line, the MPs decided

The aid of BGN 300 will be provided as follows to:

- Parents or adoptive parents raising children with permanent disabilities and receiving monthly allowances;

- Families who receive monthly allowances for a child without the right to an inheritance pension from a deceased parent;

- Families of loved ones and relatives, as well as foster families, receiving monthly social assistance for the child placed in their family;

- War veterans, war disabled and war injured, assisted by the Social Assistance Agency under the Law on War Veterans and the Law on War Disabled and War Injured;

- People with disabilities with over 90 percent degree of disability with certain foreign assistance, receiving a disability pension due to a general illness or due to an occupational accident or occupational disease, or a social disability pension, who are granted monthly financial support under the Law on People with Disabilities disabilities;

- Persons and families who suffered from fires, floods and other natural disasters in 2022, to whom one-time assistance was granted in accordance with Art.

16 of the Rules for Implementation of the Law on Social Assistance.

In order to receive this assistance, it is not necessary to submit applications to the "Social Assistance" directorates at the current address.

The funds will be disbursed ex officio on the basis of a list approved by the director of the relevant "Social Assistance" directorate, according to the NOI.

The institute points out that the new heating aid will not be provided to individuals and families who for this heating season have already received targeted heating aid of BGN 623.55 or one-time financial support for heating to compensate for the increased prices of energy sources of BGN 400, as well as to individuals and families who received in 2022 one-time assistance to meet an incidental need.