Biden said that as long as Putin wants a truce, he is willing to talk to him.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] US President Biden received visiting French President Macron in Washington, and the two inevitably talked about the issue of the Ukrainian-Russian War.

Biden said he was ready to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin, provided he showed his intention to end the war.

"Reuters" reported that Biden held a joint press conference after the talks with Macron. He said that he has no plans to contact Putin now. "I am ready to talk to Putin as long as he shows that he wants to find a way to end the war. Intent. But at the moment he is showing no sign of that."

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Biden emphasized that if he wants to have a dialogue with Putin, he will definitely consult allies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and will never harm the interests of Ukraine. "I will not act on my own." Macron said that he will continue to talk to Putin Communicate to avoid escalation and try to achieve some practical outcomes, such as ensuring the safety of nuclear power plants.

Biden also mentioned, "There is only one way to end the war, the sane way, and that is for Putin to withdraw troops from Ukraine. But he obviously didn't do it, and he is paying a heavy price for it."