Defense forces are advancing in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna.

The most difficult situation in the Luhansk region is in Bilogorivka from the side of Lysychansk.

The occupiers continuously attack the village.

This was announced by the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Hayddai, on the air of a joint telethon. 

According to him, the occupiers are preparing Starobilsk for a powerful defense.

Subdivisions from the Kherson region are transferred here.

When Starobilsk is liberated, Ukrainian forces will be able to fire control over all strategic roads of Luhansk Region.

In addition, the official noted that the frosty weather helps the Ukrainian military advance.

"Because if a week ago we were walking back up to our ears in mud, driving carefully so as not to get stuck in it, then yesterday we saw that the ground was frozen and the equipment could move safely," he said.

Gaidai also believes that after the de-occupation of

Kreminnaya, Rubizhne can become the next liberated city.

Deoccupation of Luhansk region: what is known

The situation in the combat zone in

 Luhansk region 

is extremely difficult.

Russia threw a large number of forces into capturing the region.


are Kadyrovites, and "LNR", "DNR", and freshly mobilized from Russia, and so-called Wagnerites. 

In Luhansk OVA, it is assumed that Ukrainian defenders will probably release Kreminna and Rubizhne next.

Due to the defeats of the Russian army, the number of deserters among Russian servicemen increased.

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