Hsinchu County Councilor-elect Chen Demu (pictured left) from the Kuomintang, and Wu Guangsheng (right), the vice-chairman of the Hukou Township Congress who was successfully re-elected as Township Representative, were appealed by the Hsinchu District Prosecutor's Office to invalidate their elections.

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[Reporter Huang Meizhu/Hsinchu Report] KMT Hsinchu County Councilor Hukou Constituency-elect Chen Demu and Hukou Township Representative Wu Guangsheng, who was successfully re-elected as Township Representative, were both charged today by the Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion of election bribery The court filed a motion to invalidate the election.

Prosecutors in Hsinchu said that Chen Demu was arrested and suspected of buying tickets with 1,000 yuan in cash per ticket, and the prosecution was concluded in the middle of last month.

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On the other hand, Wu Guangsheng was suspected of paying 30,000 yuan in cash to public officials with votes in the township for Zheng Shixuan, a non-party mayor candidate for Hukou Township, in August. The investigation was concluded in mid-October.

Prosecutors said that both of them had violated the Act on the Recall of Public Officials by "voting and delivering bribes", which met the requirements for being sued to invalidate their election, so the prosecution took the initiative to appeal to the court to invalidate their election.