The Parliament of Berlin, the capital of Germany, set up a Taiwan Friendship Group on the 1st, with a total of 16 members from across the party.

(Central News Agency, provided by the representative office in Germany)

[Central News Agency] The parliament in Berlin, the capital of Germany, established a Taiwan Friendship Group today, with a total of 16 cross-party members joining. In the future, it will fully promote Taiwan-Germany relations, making Berlin the fourth local parliament in Germany to have a Taiwan Friendship Group.

The Berlin State Council held the inaugural meeting of the "Berlin-Taipei Friendship Group" today. ) 16 MPs joined the meeting and elected Tamara Ludke from the Social Democratic Party and Tobias Bauschke from the Liberal Democratic Party as co-chairs.

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Dennis Buchner, speaker of the House of Representatives, who attended the congratulations as a distinguished guest, said that Germany is concerned about China’s military and economic coercion of a substantively independent Taiwan. Taiwan, especially the capital Taipei, has become an economic, technological and academic center in recent years. Berlin should look at the world , more open to Taiwan.

Lüdecke and Bauchick said that Berlin and Taipei have close ties in the fields of culture, commerce and academia, and they look forward to the Taiwan Friendship Group contributing to the promotion of city exchanges.

Green Party member Jian Omar is from the dictatorship of Syria and moved to Germany at the age of 20. He said Taiwan is a beacon of democracy but is in a difficult situation, so he decided to support Taiwan.

Representative to Germany Hsieh Chi-wei said that Taiwan has experienced decades of martial law and cherishes its current freedom and democracy. It also values ​​the support of like-minded partners. It is hoped that the Berlin Parliamentary Friendship Group will promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and Germany in the future.

In Germany, both the Federal Congress and the local-level state councils have friendly Taiwanese members to form sub-groups to promote Taiwan-Germany relations. After Berlin became the state of Bavaria, Niedersachsen, and Hessen, The 4th local council to set up a Taiwan Friendship Group.