The North Court even ruled in the first instance today that the girl can stay in Taiwan temporarily, and the righteous father can take the girl back to Italy during the winter and summer vacations for 10 days and 30 days respectively, and visit them by video conference.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] A former Taiwanese stewardess and an Italian man gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock in 2014. After breaking up, the 8-year-old daughter went to court. It was unconstitutional for Li to live with his father for one year, so it was abolished and sent back; after the Supreme Court heard it, the North Court decided that the North Court had not carefully considered the best interests of the girl and the girl's wishes, and then abandoned and sent it back; the North Court even ruled in the first instance that the girl can stay temporarily In Taiwan, fathers can take their girls back to Italy for 10 days and 30 days respectively during the winter and summer vacations, and visit them via video conference.

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In addition, the three judges of the first-instance collegial panel also emphasized through the ruling that the parents of the girl, whether they are currently or in the future, the role of "living party" or "visiting party", should help the girl to get rid of the previous experience of being illegally taken out of the country without worrying about "will be arrested." smuggled away” and stuck in the dilemma of only being able to choose a father or a mother.

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The three judges also want the parents to promote the parent-child relationship between the girl and the other party, and to allow the girl to communicate with her parents freely and freely in the world, otherwise she is not a suitable candidate for parental rights; finally, if one of the parents refuses to cooperate with this ruling , or overdue delivery of children, will be listed as "non-friendly parents", as an important reference for judging the parental rights case.