The international hacker organization "Anonymous" supported the white paper revolution on the Internet. It not only paralyzed China's official website, but also published a list of Chinese police and political officials, hoping to attract the attention and support of the world.

(Picture taken from "@AnonOpsSE" Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] China's "white paper revolution" is blooming everywhere, and citizens have taken to the streets to protest. The hacker organization "Anonymous" also supports the protesters on the Internet, launching another wave of cyber warfare.

Since the outbreak of this revolution, Anonymous has reiterated the five major demands on the Internet, and announced the list of top Chinese police officers, trying to continue the spirit of the white paper revolution through the Internet.

"Anonymous" is composed of hackers from different countries and is a voluntary organization of citizens.

A few days ago, the organization publicly supported China's white paper revolution on Twitter, and strongly pushed conceptual slogans such as Xi Jinping's resignation in two languages, Chinese and English.

Anonymous emphasized on Twitter that they "stand together" with the Chinese people this time, and called on netizens to forward their tweets to let the Communist Party know that the government has no right to deprive citizens of their basic human rights.

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In addition to the demonstrations and protests on land, Anonymous also opened up a new home on the Internet, using "Operation White Paper" (#OpWhitePaper) as a hashtag.

Anonymous once excitedly wrote "X him X Xi Jinping", "Leave Taiwan alone, let China go"; it is a pity that the Internet voice has not yet fermented, and Anonymous will send a tweet almost every hour, or I posted several articles within an hour, hoping to get more people's support.

Anonymous also tweeted and exposed the phone numbers and names of "China's top police officers", including Shanghai police officers, members of the Shanghai Communist Party, and senior officials in Guangdong Province, which is severely affected by the epidemic.

In addition, anonymous people uploaded hacked videos of China's official website, only to see that the screen kept running out of the website of China's official website, taking practical actions to dismantle the "firewall" of China's Internet.

#Anonymous #OpWhitePaper

1. Stop mandatory nucleic acid testing and quarantine, cancel the epidemic policy, voluntary testing and voluntary quarantine.

2. Freedom of speech in China, do not delete posts or ban accounts, tear down the network firewall, let people see what is really happening in the world and in China.

3. Release the arrestees of this event and withdraw the charges

4. Let go of passport processing, open the country, and you cannot be persuaded to return when you leave the country

5. Cancel the life tenure of the chairman

— Anonymous Operations (@AnonOpsSE) November 29, 2022

#OpChina #OpWhitePaper

— Anonymous Vietnam #OpChina (@Anonymous_VNPC) December 1, 2022

#Anonymous @AnonymousOpchina #OpWhitePaper

Leaks Chinese government database’s Police_Public


Guards Shanghai Party Member ID Card Hukou and Phone 1 /T5ofavsWNF

China Shanghai Party member ID card household registration and phone number 2

Province_Political Cadres

— Anonymous Operations (@AnonOpsSE) December 1, 2022