Shivraj also made it clear from the stage that the PESA Act will not be applicable in the cities.

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Barwani (Madhya Pradesh):

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivrat Singh Chauhan said on Thursday that he is in favor of implementing the Uniform Civil Code in the state.

Announcing at a rally in Barwani, he said, 'The time has come to implement the Uniform Civil Code.

I am forming a committee to implement UCC in Madhya Pradesh.

Now only one marriage for all."

He said, “I am in favor of implementing Uniform Civil Code in the country. Under this, the Gram Sabha will be able to take action against such people."

The CM said, "Sometimes big games happen. If people cannot take land themselves, they take land in the name of a tribal. Many miscreants have also come who marry tribal daughters and take land in her name. Today I have come to awaken the public awareness. 

The Chief Minister said that I am in favor of the fact that the time has come that a Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in India.

Why should anyone marry more than one?

Why should there be two constitutions in one country, there should be only one.

I am also forming a committee in Madhya Pradesh.

If there is a right to have one wife in the Uniform Civil Code, then there should be only one wife for all. 

Let us tell you that the Chief Minister of the state Shivraj Singh addressed the general meeting in the Jan Jagran Sammelan regarding the PESA Act at Chachariya in Barwani district.

During this, Shivraj Singh Chouhan informed the public about the PESA Act.

At the same time, showing his strict attitude, he suspended the CEO of Sendhwa Janpad Panchayat. 

CM said that I have received a complaint, due to which I am suspending him immediately.

He told the people that the Gram Sabha will be strengthened by the PESA Act.

The Gram Sabha will decide what work will be done in MNREGA.

Patwari will have to keep the B1 and Khasra report of the village in the Gram Sabha every year. 

He said that a peace settlement committee will be formed in the village, which will have the right to resolve minor disputes.

If the police registers a case against any person in the village, then they will have to inform the gram sabha. 

Shivraj also made it clear from the stage that the PESA Act will not be applicable in the cities.

During this, he told the stage that any type of mafia will not be spared.

At the same time, he said that we are going to bring such a law, in which no person will be able to do second marriage. 

It is funny that the Chief Minister has made this announcement in Barwani, local MLA and Animal Husbandry Minister Prem Singh Patel comes from Barwani, this is a reserved seat for tribals, his election affidavit itself mentions his 4 wives.

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